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How to fix some mysterious problems.

When i open cydia the following message comes up... can some please help?

Problem parsing dependency Conflicts Error occured while processing [PIRATE REPO] You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems

how can i resolve this?

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Pretty easy Dude.

On top, you'll set you up for a good spirit!

Try this...

Delete (get rid of) any repository encouraging piracy.

Not only will you help the developpers who work hard to build the apps you love, by retributing them for their efforts, but you will also save your device a whole bunch of issues, which in return will save you a whole bunch of headaches, frustration and madness.

I fully understand how it may look attractive to be able to use something for free, while you should have paid for it, would it only be for the kick, for the thrill, but think about it: is it worth the trouble you're getting in?

One thing leading to another, retributing the programmer will encourage him to pursue and come out with updates, better pricing, more functionnalities and even more apps!

Don't get me wrong: I, myself, did use cracked apps when I first discovered the JB, and I was only "trying them", meaning, if I would find a cracked app (never looking for any) that could have been interesting, I would install it and, would I like it I would have deleted it and bought the paid one, and if I didn't like it, I would simply deleted it.

But you know what? For most of them, the price is so little that I don't even go there!

And you know what? My iDevices now work much better, better than ever, actually

Wouldn't you like that for yourself too?

You're one button away to get a brand new iLife; welcome, and join the club!

Hope this helps,



answered 08 Feb '13, 19:25

eYe-I-a%C3%AFe's gravatar image


edited 08 Feb '13, 20:06

i dont use any pirated cydia apps man, ive paid for my bitesms, iblacklist, and photoalbums plus, infinifolders etc.. ipaid them all through cydia through my google log in....i dont care for cracked things as i dont trust them..... im simply trying to fix an error

(08 Feb '13, 21:02) jake jake jake%20jake's gravatar image


It's just that the issue you're having is related to a source that DOES indeed offer pirated apps.

The issue you are having is RELATED to a repository that contains pirated apps, would you download any of them or not, makes no difference...

Just delete the repository from your Cydia sources and you'll be fine.

Be good buddy!


(08 Feb '13, 21:04) eYe-I-aïe eYe-I-a%C3%AFe's gravatar image

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