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Been jail broken since day 1 of Evasi0n. Battery drain has been tough. This morning after charging all night...used phone normally like I do (which is not much) and have gone from 100% to 73% in 2 hours. Could it be a jailbreak app that is causing it? Or is it more likely just the jailbreak itself and I need to restore and start over? Thanks

asked 08 Feb '13, 09:52

cue180's gravatar image


its more likely the ios install itself not the jailbreak i've had these issues before with a bad install my 4s wouldn't run down to below 10% it would get to 10% and shut off also it seemed to drain quicker after I restored the ios on the phone it went back to normal.Restore the phone and if you want to wait til tonight to jailbreak it again just use it normally to see if the battery life is back to normal then jailbreak it.


answered 08 Feb '13, 10:03

EvlGns's gravatar image

10.5k57 from 45% to 0% in 2 hours. Any ideas on where to go from here.

(08 Feb '13, 20:23) cue180 cue180's gravatar image

hi there.. I can just tell you that its normal (I asume that) because that already happened to me.. had charged all night and in just 1 hour it lost 56% of charge.. and believe me, it wasnt jailbroken.. so the question is, what happened? I just discover that the service network was constantly probing my internet access, just because every cell tower "ask" something to my iphone 4s.. and from nothing, it stop losing battery, just like that.. jailbreak has nothing with batery loss... them, when my phone start losing battery quickly I just turn of 3g access.. problem solve!


answered 08 Feb '13, 21:38

langeli's gravatar image


Search on here for "Battery", and look in the FAQ. Battery life is always one of the main concerns for everyone, and not just jailbreakers. There are a wide range of possible causes, including both iOS settings, corruptions, and even some faulty tweaks.


answered 08 Feb '13, 22:01

Endareth's gravatar image


Did not have winterboard installed or sbsettings installed the first time before restore. I did have ncsettings installed. Going through another restore a different way. Going to see if it is just a 6.1 issue without the jailbreak for a day. If all is fine...will jailbreak again & then go through the process of elimination.


answered 08 Feb '13, 22:26

cue180's gravatar image


I am thinking it is an IOS 6 issue, nothing to do with jailbreak. After restoring back to unjailbroken state last night. Put it in Airplane mode over night...dropped from 80 to 76. Took it off of Airplane mode this morning and have only used it to delete & reconfigure exchange accounts (which has been others ideas) and in 2 hours of time it has dropped to 47%. Going to give it a couple of more hours of just sitting & see what happens, then rejailbreak.


answered 09 Feb '13, 08:29

cue180's gravatar image



Guys, don't use winterboard, I installed winterboard and SBsettings and my battery was draining so fast. I dont know which one of the tweaks causes that, I believe its WB, n I removed both n now battery is improved as well as weather n stocks apps r running now.


answered 08 Feb '13, 21:55

soojan's gravatar image


Winterboard doesn't actually use battery in significant ways, and SBSettings doesn't either. Uninstalling Winterboard requires you to reboot your device though, and sometimes rebooting can help with various kinds of problems.

(08 Feb '13, 22:30) britta britta's gravatar image
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