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i think it was torch but i uninstalled it once and it didnt stop crashing, it only crashes when it sits locked for a few minutes. It took me 30 minutes to get to uninstall torch finally this time(after learning to do a crash report) how can i let torch know to fix this? i like the app a lot and it worked on redsnow

Update: No more crashes...torch was the issue not sure why it took like 5 hours to finally put me in a crash loop whenever i locked my phone

update2: He fixed it and it works perfectly now!(its been installed for around 5-6hrs

asked 08 Feb '13, 01:19

j1391j's gravatar image


edited 08 Feb '13, 23:18

For me it crashes as soon as I hit the sleep, or if you let it sleep on its own.

(08 Feb '13, 04:20) jbthemofo jbthemofo's gravatar image


answered 08 Feb '13, 04:50

JuergenWest's gravatar image

JuergenWest ♦


I reinstalled and it seems to be working awesome, Thank You!

(08 Feb '13, 20:38) j1391j j1391j's gravatar image

so torch is the problem u think ?


answered 08 Feb '13, 01:25

Tweakbutt's gravatar image


yes, but i am not sure why it is only when you click the lock-screen and didnt happen until a few hrs after it was installed (i have not crashed since uninstall)

(08 Feb '13, 20:36) j1391j j1391j's gravatar image

Yes it is.. I got same problem after yesterday's update.. Phone Went in safe mode loop..


answered 08 Feb '13, 03:45

Isiden's gravatar image


Torch 1.3 which was introduced to hide the icon when the new media buttons were displayed had the side effect of crashing my iPhone 4S when I hit the sleep/power button. I have removed Torch until an updated version is available.

(08 Feb '13, 04:19) jbthemofo jbthemofo's gravatar image

I looked at my "crash reporter" app from cydia and it shows me everything that crashes on there. my "bitesms" and "springboard" each have 8 next to them so I'm wondering if anyone else out there has had problems w "bitesms" crashing. if so, what other texting apps have you downloaded that are similar to "bitesms"?

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answered 08 Feb '13, 04:29

gabecrudo's gravatar image


My latest BiteSMS only crashed when Torch was installed, and Springboard continued to crash with BiteSMS uninstalled and Torch installed. Removing Torch and reinstalling BiteSMS showed no such issues.

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(08 Feb '13, 04:39) jbthemofo jbthemofo's gravatar image
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