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Have just completed successful iPhone 5 Jailbreak with Evasion but have annoying bug/issue. Everytime the phone is raised to face (make a call, listen to voice mail, use Suri), it turns off the display as normal reaction to raising to face, bu the screen will not come back after removing from face (or hanging up, etc).

The only way to get display back is to press the top button.

So you can't hang up a call when done because the screen is black when you remove the phone from face.

Only installed tweaks so far are intelliscreen and Glaskart theme through Winterboard.

Anyone else having this problem?

asked 07 Feb '13, 22:13

braddk's gravatar image


Yes i cant make a call if prompted to use option 1 or 2 or 8 the phone will not do it. I cant disconnect i have to use the top button or shut off the phone. It also got hung up during jailbreak 4-5 times im going to restore my phone 4s

(11 Feb '13, 15:43) sallysue sallysue's gravatar image

The best way I know to resolve this issue would be to uninstall your tweaks/mods one by one to find out what's causing this.

You can start by checking with This List;

IF no luck, fire up SBSettings, click on More, then scroll down and click on Mobile Substrate Addons, then, disable them one by one to find the culprit.

When/If found, re-enable it and go delete it in cydia.

Hopte this helps,



answered 11 Feb '13, 16:00

eYe-I-a%C3%AFe's gravatar image


hi there i have uninstalled all my tweaks such as no update, no app store badges vwallpaer( boo hoo) but its still doing it . whats sbs settings ? where do i fing them? hiw will i know whats safe to uninstall? my phone is a 4s now on 6.1 if that helps.

(11 Feb '13, 18:21) sallysue sallysue's gravatar image

SBSettings (not sbs settings) is a package in cydia. If you didn't install it, you don't have it.

Incidentally, remember yesterday when you thought 6.1.1 was out? Turns out it was released today, only for the 4S. It seems you are able to tell the future, one day in advance, so any thoughts on tomorrow's Lotto?

(11 Feb '13, 18:56) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Spockers ironically i spoke to apple today it was actually 6.1.1 that showed originally but they cannot explain why it showed then disapperared, im not crazy though . Hey my problem of my phone turning to a black screen when i answered a call or having to use sleep button to bring screen back from black has been solved. I uninstalled all my tweaks some repos however after uninstalling VWallpaper ( my only reason for jailbreaking) it stopped. To test i reinstalled got black screen no phone features , uninstalled my phone features work fine. No vwallpaper for me( boo hoo!!!!) should i try the beta ios 6 version?

(11 Feb '13, 19:03) sallysue sallysue's gravatar image

555 -1213 is a safe bet lol

(11 Feb '13, 19:05) sallysue sallysue's gravatar image

Iphoneguy or spockers since you have been so helpful i have another question for, here goes Since 6.1.1 is out for iphone4s and mine is carrier unlocked does the info on the web stating evasion will still work on 6.1.1 does it? Also do you think if i update i could put my V Wallpaper app back without it causing the same black screen problems of before? Is this just something the devoloper must fix? Also thanks to anyone else that answers me.

(12 Feb '13, 17:48) sallysue sallysue's gravatar image
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