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I've got an iPhone 5 from mexican carrier Telcel, however, the carrier's LTE network is not supported by Apple at this time. Is there a way to enable LTE on an iPhone 5 with the jailbreak so I don't have to wait for Apple to support my carrier?

asked 06 Feb '13, 20:39

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spockers ♦♦


I tried this tutorial for an iPad mini, but unfortunately didn't come right with it. I am looking to enable the LTE toggle for Vodacom in South Africa. LTE is supported on the iPhone 5, but not the mini for some reason.

Is there any way I can get this to work?

Thanks very much for the great work!

(04 Jun '13, 09:25) gavin286 gavin286's gravatar image

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I have had some luck with figuring this out. I've patched my CommCenterClassic using a patch from

With CommCenter patched you can load unsigned IPCC's.

After some digging around I've found that two files in the IPCC deal with LTE:

overrides_N41_N42.plist & overrides_N41_N42.pri

I've added the files from the AT&T carrier bundle to my carrier bundle. This gives me the "Enable LTE" switch and my phone displays the LTE badge when in an area covered with LTE. Unfortunately when I try using data I get a pop up saying "can't activate cellular data."

I suspect there is just some configuration I am overlooking. If I make anymore progress I will post an update here.


answered 07 Feb '13, 08:57

joshuatw's gravatar image



That's nice! The reason for "can't activate cellular data" could be because certain carriers use a different APN when on LTE. So you should double check if the APN is the same like for regular, non-LTE data, or if you need to configure a different one.

(07 Feb '13, 09:00) ManuCH ManuCH's gravatar image

My carrier uses the same APN for everything, called today to confirm. I changed the APN in the overrides plist, but unfortunately it is still not working.

(07 Feb '13, 09:03) joshuatw joshuatw's gravatar image

@iphpwn4 Applauds, takes a seat and opens a bag of popcorn
@ManuCH, @joshuatw: Do continue... =D

(07 Feb '13, 09:14) iphpwn4 ♦ iphpwn4's gravatar image

I got it to work today. I realized I wasn't incrementing the version number on my carrier bundle, Version.plist & Info.plist. Be sure to change the APN in overrides_N41_N42.plist to whatever APN your carrier uses for LTE.

I might have been lucky being on a carrier that has a very similar infrastructure to AT&T's, look forward to hearing if this works for anyone else.

Also, I have noticed that it doesn't handle switching from LTE to 3G very well. I think I've read that's a common problem with the iPhone 5, I will research that problem and post if I have any further progress.

(07 Feb '13, 19:53) joshuatw joshuatw's gravatar image

Well done mate! Very impressed.

(07 Feb '13, 20:02) iphpwn4 ♦ iphpwn4's gravatar image

I don't have a problem switching 3G>LTE on iPhone 5 with Verizon.

(07 Feb '13, 21:31) iReb iReb's gravatar image

do you have the URL to get the ipcc file with overrides_N41_N42.plist in it? I haven't managed to get that, thanks!

(07 Feb '13, 22:59) snakekontrol snakekontrol's gravatar image

You can pull it off the phone, all of the official carrier bundles are stored at /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/iPhone. You can use SSH or iFile to download the bundles. If you can't get it there I can upload it when I get home from work tonight.

(08 Feb '13, 02:21) joshuatw joshuatw's gravatar image

I finally could enable LTE on my phone, but I'm having troubles with my GPS, do you have the same trouble as well?

(09 Feb '13, 23:18) snakekontrol snakekontrol's gravatar image

I haven't had any issues with GPS.

(10 Feb '13, 01:54) joshuatw joshuatw's gravatar image

Yeah, it turned out to be a minor problem, I rebooted the phone and have my GPS working now, thank you so mich for the information @joshuatw

(10 Feb '13, 14:48) snakekontrol snakekontrol's gravatar image

I'm also having issues going from LTE to 3g, I wonder if we're missing something from the configurarion

(10 Feb '13, 16:13) snakekontrol snakekontrol's gravatar image

I spoke with a friend that works at my carrier today. He told me that the problems I'm having with switching from LTE to 3G is a problem on their end, that they've noticed to other devices.

I don't think it the problem has to do with this implementation, I've read on quite a few websites describing the problem we're having on "official" LTE networks.

I've been trying to find out what NotRegisteredResetWaitPeriod does. I'm wondering if it is a reset clock to prevent the phone from bouncing from LTE to 3G when in an area with low LTE reception, to conserve battery. I've been hesitant to change it because all the bundles I've looked out have theirs set to 60. I may change it tomorrow and see what happens, I don't have any LTE service at home.

(11 Feb '13, 05:47) joshuatw joshuatw's gravatar image

hey man, nice work, love what u did there. can u give us a simpler tutorial please

(11 Feb '13, 07:09) MFreak17 MFreak17's gravatar image

These answers are all wrong so far. Apple enables new LTE networks one by one, after having tested them, by rolling out an updated Carrier Bundle through OTA updates. The problem is that those Carrier Bundle files must be signed, otherwise the iPhone won't use the information stored in them.

Therefore, yes, in theory LTE can be enabled for any carrier using jailbreak (if the carrier supports LTE and has the same frequency as the iPhone 5). To do so, you would have to build a custom Carrier Bundle (IPCC file that contains the right settings), and you would need a jailbreak tweak that forces the mobilesubstrate to read and accept an unsigned IPCC file.

I am not familiar with the details on how to do that, as I've never done so myself, but IPCC files were edited with past iOS releases, for example to enable tethering on carriers that didn't support it.

You can take any IPCC file of an LTE enabled carrier and try to analyze it, and find out what relevant parts you have to copy into your carrier's IPCC in order to enable LTE. There are several pretty obscure parameters in there, so it will likely take a lot of trial-and-error to make this work.

When done, you still need to find the jailbreak tweak that tricks your iPhone into reading data from an unsigned IPCC file, but that should be relatively easy to find.

You can find all carrier bundles that Apple is currently giving out through OTA updates in here:


answered 07 Feb '13, 05:09

ManuCH's gravatar image


No. Frequency mismatch is a hardware problem. That cannot remedied by software.


answered 06 Feb '13, 20:43

justinred's gravatar image

justinred ♦


The frequency is compatible, but apple needs to test the LTE network first in order to support it, it was initially thought that qith the 6.1 firmware it would finally support telcel, but from the list of new carriers supported (about 34 new carriers) telcel did not appear on the list

(06 Feb '13, 20:57) snakekontrol snakekontrol's gravatar image


Just to let you know that I managed to get this to work here in Stockholm, thanks to the information above. Before I had figured out the overrides bit but couldn't find a good patch to insert the ipcc files.

I used the Telenor_DK profile to get almost correct overrides files and used those and changed the apn and inserted to Telenor_SE ipcc files. presto! Got LTE working in central Stockholm now!

Thank you to a great site and community.


answered 09 Feb '13, 16:26

MagnusM's gravatar image



Hi Magnus. Could you help me modifying the ipcc settings for 3 Sweden (Hutchison_se.)? I live in Malmö but work in Denmark and I could use the danish 4G when I am abroad with the free roaming 3 offers...

(12 Feb '13, 05:38) skandy skandy's gravatar image


This is a very short tutorial and I'm sure you can do this in an easier way. 1) Jailbreak your phone. 2a) Install OpenSSH 2b) Add Repo "" to Cydia 2c) Install CommCenter Patch 3) Connect to your phone over wifi using sftp (Filezilla is good), user:root, pw:alpine 4) Go to /System/Library/Carrier Bundle/iPhone 5) Copy the bundle files for your operator (Hutchison_SE in your case) to your computer. 6) Download Telenor_DK carrier files from this link: 7) Extract and Copy both overrides_n41_n42.pri and .plist files from Telenor_DK.ipcc (rename it to .zip to extract) to the folder you copied the files from your iPhone. 8) Edit info.plist and version.plist, change 14.0 and 14.0.0 to 14.0.1 (search Google for a plist editor) 9) Edit overrids_n41_n42.plist and change the APN to your APN for 3 Sweden ( 10) Save all files. Transfer them back to your phone using SFTP. 11) Confirm that the version in Settings / General / About is changed. 12) Restart phone.

I'm not sure you will pick upp LTE in Denmark with a Swedish card, but would be cool to know. I can help with sending you the modified files but you need to jailbreak and install openssh and patch commcenter to make this work.

(12 Feb '13, 06:17) MagnusM MagnusM's gravatar image

Magnus, thank you so much!!!! I installed the patch thanks to your fantastic instructions. Settings/General/About shows 14.1 (not 14.0.1 as I expected) but maybe this is normal :) I'll test it tomorrow morning and report!

(12 Feb '13, 17:23) skandy skandy's gravatar image

Make sure you have the LTE switch visible otherwise something didn't work. It's in Settings, General, Cellular. If it says 14.1 could indicate that it already was version 14.1, so then you need to increase it to 14.1.1 (for example)

(12 Feb '13, 17:29) MagnusM MagnusM's gravatar image

First test failed! At some point the phone (in proximity of a spot where I am sure LTE exists) went offline but I recovered the signal with a reboot. I'll try again tomorrow but this time I'll increment the version to 14.1.1 and I'll use the unlock from Hutchison_dk (which does support LTE).

(13 Feb '13, 04:21) skandy skandy's gravatar image

Strangely the file Hutchison_dk does not contain the overrides but I do know that it works with LTE... I have had to increment the version to 14.2 and finally the LTE option is available. Tomorrow the second test :) Do I have to keep the CommCenter Patch installed???

(13 Feb '13, 17:53) skandy skandy's gravatar image

Ok, now I know it doesn't work! 3 Sweden has no LTE roaming agreement with 3 Denmark. This is rather strange because it affects also the Mobile Broadband service. I also discovered that if I remove the CommCenter Patch the data service stop working (unless I restore the original IPCC profile). That's too bad :)

(14 Feb '13, 05:55) skandy skandy's gravatar image

I tried as MagnusM's instructions,and use Telenor_DK.ipcc to modify my carrier in China Unicom. When I turn on the LTE, it appears to search for the network but still back to 3G. I found in overrids_n41_n42.plist "prirawsignature" with a long word, does it matter? I'm sure LTE network is available here. I trace it on MME with IP5, no infomation.

(18 Feb '13, 03:10) jackhl jackhl's gravatar image

Hi @snakekontrol i tried this guide for telcel, i have the lte button enabled and after a few seconds my iphone goes back to 3G how do i know if i did it the right way and its not working because im not in a 4g LTe zone i have the LTE button but i have never seen the 4G logo


answered 15 Feb '13, 12:32

Alansrq's gravatar image


I have worked it out. I turn off the 2g and 3g function in HLR, 2G/3G network reject the location update, and then iphone5 update to LTE network.


answered 22 Mar '13, 03:23

jackhl's gravatar image


Ive followed the advice given above for Orange RO, I now have the LTE switch but no 4G indicator. Data is working fine on the same APN as before Ive used AT&T overrides as the provided Telenor.ipcc where garbled.

One particularity is that the operator provides LTE only for new subscriptions at the moment. Could this be a trick on their end?

iphone model is compatible with operator LTE, and they officially announced support for iPhone 5, provided that is on 6.1.3 (yeah right!) and carrier updated.


answered 08 Apr '13, 17:36

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edited 08 Apr '13, 17:39

Guys, can anybody think of a workaround for non-jailbreakable firmwares iPhone 5's? I couldn't.

Thanks, ton.


answered 27 Aug '13, 18:22

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answered 06 Feb '13, 20:42

iphpwn4's gravatar image

iphpwn4 ♦


No, because the mobile provider doesn't support LTE. Forcing it will take away network data and possibly cellular stuffs.


answered 06 Feb '13, 21:49

raymonf's gravatar image


My service provider does support LTE, and in the same band that iphone 5 supports, apple needs to approve that LTE network, but has not yet approved it.

(07 Feb '13, 00:43) snakekontrol snakekontrol's gravatar image

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