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Hi guys, I've installed an old version of Springtomize 2 for iOS 5 through a backup, not the newest update for iOS 6 and now my iPhone 4 freezes instantly on LockScreen without boot to Safe Mode

I've been able to get around that by holding the volume-up button while booting up, to temporarily disable MobileSubstrate

I already uninstalled Springtomize 2 for iOS 5, Springtomize 2-Icons, and Springtomize 2-Locations from Cydia

But my iPhone is still freezing. When I installed Springtomize 2, there must have been other dependencies that installed with it besides those 3 packages.. something that uses MobileSubstrate. But I have no idea what it is or how to find out.

Of course I have the option of restoring again, but I don't want to have to deal with finding and installing all of those tweaks, especially during this slowwwwwwww Cydia. Any help?

If you have SBSettings installed, you can turn off items that use MobileSubstrate individually.


answered 05 Feb '13, 22:54

Kriggo15's gravatar image


You know what, I thought about that but I didn't know I could access SBsettings on this mode lol. I had to search for it with Spotlight..

But now I have to deal with turning off one tweak, waiting 2 mins. for iphone to boot, go into no MobileSubrate mode, repeat x.x

(05 Feb '13, 22:59) Comet Comet's gravatar image

Try to do 4 to 5 at a time if you have alot. Then once it works you can break it down smaller.

(05 Feb '13, 23:02) Kriggo15 Kriggo15's gravatar image

Ok, I fixed it. Apparently it was another iOS 5 tweak, Scrollingboard that was installed from my backup. But Scrollingboard was actually working "a little" before I installed Springtomize

Looks like I will officially quit testing these iOS 5 tweaks from now on, and start fresh xD


answered 06 Feb '13, 00:01

Comet's gravatar image


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