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I am using Gevey RSIM7 (v3.0) with Sprint iPhone5 CDMA (Model MD656LL/A with iOS6.1/Baseband 3.04.25) to use overseas SIM. Phone call and receiving SMS works but sending SMS and mobile data does not work.

I was told it is APN problem but now that I have done Jailbreak using Evasi0n I can change my APN settings, however that does not fix it.

I also receive message occasionally telling me phone is not activated. Not sure if that is related, but it also shows "My Number: Unknown" under Settings -> Phone.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix the data/sms sending?

asked 05 Feb '13, 21:54

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closed 07 Mar '13, 19:42

spockers's gravatar image

spockers ♦♦

Same Problem here too :( :( ......... Any Help is most welcomed....

(07 Feb '13, 12:05) Livingstonegm Livingstonegm's gravatar image

Though we are JailBreaked our Iphone-5 .... we are helpless fixing this gevey unlocked SPrint Iphone5 SMS/Internet issues :( :(

(09 Feb '13, 13:08) Livingstonegm Livingstonegm's gravatar image

Hi Buddy, its on the Roaming of Sprint , Is it some thing to do with the Unlocked Sprint Iphone...

(09 Feb '13, 13:34) Livingstonegm Livingstonegm's gravatar image

Hi Buddy, Can you pls tell me how did u actually Unlocked your SPRINT - Iphone5 , and which methods u have tried and which one finally worked out .... which Carrier u r using on this SPRINT iphone5

(09 Feb '13, 13:35) Livingstonegm Livingstonegm's gravatar image

I've been told that over at "official iphone unlock" ( they can do an "official" IMEI unlock for Sprint iPhone5 but it's expensive (£99 I think) and they say the services is currently offline. Asking for £20 deposit to get in the queue for when it is back online. I paid the deposit just in case this RSIM can't be solved, but I am skeptical..

(10 Feb '13, 00:33) sstur sstur's gravatar image

DON'T use sites like that. They're usually all scams and unreliable. Will Strafach (@chronic on Twitter) curretly has the best methods for unlocking phones (all legal too). I'd suggest looking him up and getting in touch with him.

(14 Feb '13, 00:27) PersianShinobi PersianShinobi's gravatar image

I'm really glad to start using my iPhone 5, 6.1 (RSIM7) with my SIM from VIVO carrier in Brasil and it happened just because of IGPORTES and I really would like to say: THANK YOU MATE! Also my friend in Brasil helped me without know when he asked a seller at mercado livre saying about the solution and shared the link!!! So, thank you too IVANARNALDO and take my e-mail: [this is not craigslist]. TUMAJAY, thank you too with your tests about thetering and i-message. So now, I'll share some results about my iPhone 5 using RSIM7: My number is unknow, facetime only by the e-mail address, no MMS and not possible to send pics by sms, no thetering... Is there someone with the same bugs ? Cheers from Brasil and thx all of you again !

(20 Feb '13, 14:45) sievi sievi's gravatar image

Can I get a set of instructions? [this is not craigslist]


(21 Feb '13, 18:32) Jinxs911 Jinxs911's gravatar image

Hello, man, please send the last instructions, [this is not craigslist]

(21 Feb '13, 19:59) moraah_r1 moraah_r1's gravatar image

Hey pls send me d link 4 d solution of sprint iphone on [this is not craigslist]

(22 Feb '13, 17:18) nikjust4u nikjust4u's gravatar image

@Igportes on my sprint iphone5 SMS n Internet is nt workink can u provide me d solution...on [this is not craigslist]...pls

(22 Feb '13, 17:23) nikjust4u nikjust4u's gravatar image

Can you please send the instruction to [this is not craigslist] I have sent mail to you (lgportes) but no response till now. Can anybody send instructions who have got it.

(23 Feb '13, 11:49) Mukundan Mukundan's gravatar image

Hi there, our friend LGPORTES may be working to make some corrections on the great solution he made. To help him about the questions asking for the instructions, I've put a link to share the file he created with the solution:


(23 Feb '13, 12:31) sievi sievi's gravatar image

Due to post my tutoríal without my concern, I Will not help anymore

(23 Feb '13, 13:36) lgportes lgportes's gravatar image

Hello can you send me the tutorial how to repair iPhone 5 sprint the problem no sms y no data 3G. Pelase And thank you. Email: [this is not craigslist]

(24 Feb '13, 11:48) Luisalvarado Luisalvarado's gravatar image

hi there, tried the link frm the clipboard but same page comes up...plz could you send me the information at [this is not craigslist] ... badly in need of the solution... thank you in advance,...

(25 Feb '13, 13:20) bivash bivash's gravatar image

The question has been closed for being "This is not an "email me the solution too" site." by spockers, 07 Mar '13, 19:42

The instructions finally done!. The iMessage is the only thing that is not working but I´m testing a fix and I´m working on a tool to make all the process more easy.

Also I have the instructions with screenshots, send me a email and I will send you the file.

Sorry!!, I prefer to send the tutorial to the comunity cause there are peoples in my country doing business with my free solution.


answered 11 Feb '13, 23:31

lgportes's gravatar image


edited 22 Feb '13, 23:49

nothing yet?

(09 Feb '13, 12:51) lgportes lgportes's gravatar image

Hi Buddy , i also tried editing the .plst file . and restarted it ... nothing worked out .......... Just dono how the things are working with the SPRINT iphone5....

(09 Feb '13, 13:06) Livingstonegm Livingstonegm's gravatar image

(please use the "add new comment" button unless you are actually answering the original question)

(10 Feb '13, 00:34) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

(please use the "add new comment" button unless you are actually answering the original question)

(10 Feb '13, 00:34) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

hello,is there any updates yet about this issue using Rsim.lgportes waiting for you instructions.

(11 Feb '13, 16:36) motiam4 motiam4's gravatar image

(please use the "add new comment" button unless you are actually answering the original question)

(11 Feb '13, 18:16) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

lgportes Thanks for those instructions, they are very detailed. Unfortunately, the step "activate using your original Sprint SIM" is not possible for those of us that are not Sprint customers : (

Does anyone know if the phone can be activated without an active Sprint SIM? Maybe that should be a separate question on this forum.

I would be happy to mark this post as the accepted answer, but since the anser is not actually in this post, I don't think I am supposed to do that. If you like, I will post the instructions you emailed but I don't want to do that without your permission.

(11 Feb '13, 23:57) sstur sstur's gravatar image

The original sprint sim is only required if you need to activate after restore. You can do the procedure without the original sim if you handle that, just jump the steps of the original sim and do all with your carrier sim. Remember I´m not a sprint custumer but I have the original sim to bypass the activation on Itunes.

There´s no signal or service of Sprint in the Dominican Republic, and my phone never worked on the Sprint network, is a brand new out of the box first open in DR.

(12 Feb '13, 00:06) lgportes lgportes's gravatar image

You can get "iphone activated" with the R-Sim7 and your carrier sim, cause the R-Sim7 will emule the original sprint Sim.

(12 Feb '13, 00:12) lgportes lgportes's gravatar image

sstur if you handle to jailbrake without the original sim... just continue with the procedure and bypass the steps using the original sprint sim. (thats all)

(12 Feb '13, 00:20) lgportes lgportes's gravatar image

@lgportes Unfortunately it doesn't work for me when I skip the steps requiring the Sprint SIM. This might be because my iPhone has never been activated. I will try some more things and let you know if I get it to work. Thanks.

(12 Feb '13, 02:27) sstur sstur's gravatar image

@lgportes "my phone never worked on the Sprint network, is a brand new out of the box first open in DR"

Mine is the same, so I bet I do actually have the Sprint SIM somewhere, it just was never an active phone nuber and never used on Sprint network. But if you say, it can be activated with that SIM using iTunes, then it's worth a try! I'll dig around for that SIM and get back to you.. Thanks!

(12 Feb '13, 06:26) sstur sstur's gravatar image

MAN, IT WORKED!!! Thank you man. Same situation, I bought a locked to sprint iPhone 5 from eBay in last november. Since then, I'm trying all the crazy shit on this mfcker to activate cellular data connection with a R-sim and my carrier SIM (VIVO). You managed to do it!!! Thank you a million times, it's like the happiest day of my life! lol YEEESSS!!! PS: It only started working after i inserted the original Sprint SIM card and saw the your iphone is activated screen... Worked like magic!!!! Just follow the guide step by step and it will work, i guarantee!!!

(12 Feb '13, 08:10) ivanarnaldo ivanarnaldo's gravatar image

@ivanarnaldo thanks for your feedback!

(12 Feb '13, 09:30) lgportes lgportes's gravatar image

Hi Buddy, I do have a Sprint SIM Card that came with this phone , But the iPhone was not activated in US with the sprint SIM.

I got the message as " iphone is not activated , pls contact your Carrier provider"... will there be any prob due to this....?

(12 Feb '13, 12:52) Livingstonegm Livingstonegm's gravatar image

In my case is the same, my iPhone was not activated in the US, just follow the steps exactly.!!

(12 Feb '13, 13:03) lgportes lgportes's gravatar image

i Just Tried it .. But sadly Dint work out on my Iphone5 :( :( .....

Also Buddy , In your Screenshot ,

In the Carrier : Unavailable .... but its shows Sprint For me.....

(12 Feb '13, 13:09) Livingstonegm Livingstonegm's gravatar image

@Livingstonegm maybe you are missing something. Let me help you. Tell me what is your country and carrier company and I will patch the carrier.plist files for you.

You only need to restore then jailbrake and overwrite the files with the patched files using DiskAid, then put your R-sim7 with your carrier Sim and wait for "iphone is activated" message. And continue with the rest of my tutorial.

(12 Feb '13, 13:57) lgportes lgportes's gravatar image

Country: INDIA Carrier : Vodafone IN City : Chennai my Mail ID : [this is not craigslist]

I have RSIM7 + which was bought this month before Ios 6.1 was released..

It is RSIM7+V6.2

(12 Feb '13, 14:15) Livingstonegm Livingstonegm's gravatar image

for people that is having problems with my procedure, I found a bad step that the people is doing. You always need insert the <string>carriernumber</string> exactly under the other, or simply will not work.

I´m working on a solution for all.

(12 Feb '13, 20:57) lgportes lgportes's gravatar image

Awsome lgportes :) :) Thank you so much Thanks Again 1000Times :)) Internet got working for Me ,, But only am stuck with SMS issue .....

(13 Feb '13, 14:50) Livingstonegm Livingstonegm's gravatar image

hey Livingstonegm, You said before that you were in 6.0.1 right? If you are, then just upgrade to 6.1 and SMS should be fixed. Please confirm that... Good luck!

(13 Feb '13, 20:22) ivanarnaldo ivanarnaldo's gravatar image

That's right!!

(13 Feb '13, 21:08) lgportes lgportes's gravatar image

Yea Buddy , i was in 6.0.1 , lastnight i just updated to 6.1 and jailbreaked it , With the help of " Lgportes" i replaced the carrier.plist files in the respective folders......... Then the iphone was activated as per the procedures...

Finally only my Internet is working but SMS is not working ..... it shows sending progress bar ,but after a minuter the sms fails..

(13 Feb '13, 21:27) Livingstonegm Livingstonegm's gravatar image

@lgportes Mate, you're a bloody Genius! I restored my iPhone and started the instructions from the beginning with my Sprint SIM and it worked perfectly!

(13 Feb '13, 23:14) sstur sstur's gravatar image

@sstur thanks bro!!

(14 Feb '13, 09:10) lgportes lgportes's gravatar image

pls is there a way to stop itunes and d iphone5 from popping up the sprint carrier update? cos once u update the carrier, the sms and internet stops working... any suggestions pls, even from cydia

(15 Feb '13, 12:09) tumajay tumajay's gravatar image

sir how can i get the tutorial

(15 Feb '13, 12:13) asad417 asad417's gravatar image

@SSTUR : R u sure is SMS working for you.....?

@lgportes : any Idea buddy why sms isnt working out for me :(

(15 Feb '13, 12:35) Livingstonegm Livingstonegm's gravatar image

can anyone please give me the tutorial

(15 Feb '13, 12:49) asad417 asad417's gravatar image

sent u a mail. no reply yet. thanks

pls is there a way to stop itunes and d iphone5 from popping up the sprint carrier update? cos once u update the carrier, the sms and internet stops working... any suggestions pls, even from cydia

(15 Feb '13, 13:08) tumajay tumajay's gravatar image

@Livingstonegm i reviewing the files again, when finish i will send the files to you to do the process again, but remember to restore to avoid errors.

@tumajay do you mean the iphone carrier update message?.. this message only appear when you enter to Settings--->General---->About... you only need to tap "Not Now"

(15 Feb '13, 13:34) lgportes lgportes's gravatar image

To peoples I recently sent the tutorial... please post your results. Thanks.

(15 Feb '13, 14:09) lgportes lgportes's gravatar image

send me instructions please! [this is not craigslist]

(15 Feb '13, 15:23) habibco95 habibco95's gravatar image

hey! please send me instructions? [this is not craigslist]

(15 Feb '13, 15:24) habibco95 habibco95's gravatar image

@lgportes Thanks it worked but i av an issue. After i got network, i installed tetherme from cydia so dat i can use personal hotspot. But after d phone respring, i noticed that the lte option is back and 3g no more working. I checked all d plist and d edited lines are still there but no matter what i do now, i dont get 3g again. Please help. Cant it work with tetherme? I av to do a full restore again

(15 Feb '13, 18:11) tumajay tumajay's gravatar image

There is a problem when using tetherme.

(15 Feb '13, 18:43) lgportes lgportes's gravatar image

Yes. Trying to figure it out too. I intentionally clicked on d update button when prompted to update carrier settings. My 3G went off but when I went to cellular data- even when I put data roaming off and on, 3G didn't work again. I solved it by going to var/mobile/library/carrier bundles/iPhone. I noticed that was where d new update goes. So just delete d 2folders(310120 and sprint.. Folders). Reboot twice, and u are good to go again. I will try tether me later. It's 1:45am here and I need to sleep. Have a nice weekend guys.

(15 Feb '13, 19:49) tumajay tumajay's gravatar image

Good work, thats exactly what I'm doing right now... Working on a tethering solution. Nice sleep.

(15 Feb '13, 19:57) lgportes lgportes's gravatar image

Good morning. I just installed tetherme again to see if it bricks anything but to my surprise, I still av 3G and SMS still working. Nothing changed. But I av deleted d 2sprint folders in d carrier bundles. I will restore and try to do d process all over again. Right now, on my sprint iphone5 6.1, I can call/receive, send/receive SMS , browse on 3G, and also use personal hotspot. Things are getting better...

(16 Feb '13, 03:09) tumajay tumajay's gravatar image

@lgportes: Finally SMS is working FIne and Awesome Buddy , Thank you so much :)

(17 Feb '13, 04:39) Livingstonegm Livingstonegm's gravatar image

@lgportes I'm successfully able to use data and SMS both because of you...thank you so much for the same and I have a small query if u can solve I would be more thankful to you

So now after following the steps provided by you I'm able to use the data and sms but unfortunately the personal hotspot option has disappeared and even the 3G data toggle switch has gone...

Is there any solution to this ?

Sorry I dint read the above conversation between @lgportes and @tumajay

We hope to get a solution soon. Thanks and all the best to both for trying out and solution.

(17 Feb '13, 11:44) a4anks a4anks's gravatar image

@a4anks Yes .. Just testing, wait for the next instructions.

(17 Feb '13, 12:34) lgportes lgportes's gravatar image

temporary soln to d iMessage, u need to put ur sim in a factory unlocked iphone and activate ur nos n email for imessage n FaceTime. once done, insert the sim in d sprint iphone 5 with ur rsim and activate iMessage, log in with ur email and ur nos will also show. select both ur nos and email. imessage will work even though it will show waiting for activation. thats what i did. still looking for a better fix though

(18 Feb '13, 07:42) tumajay tumajay's gravatar image

@tumajay @lgportes any updates on personal hotspot ??

(21 Feb '13, 05:08) a4anks a4anks's gravatar image

@a4anks, i use personal hotspot after downloading tetherme from cydia.

(21 Feb '13, 10:55) tumajay tumajay's gravatar image

did you make any additional modification ? because just installing theterme from cydia does not work and I get no signal at all...

(21 Feb '13, 12:01) sievi sievi's gravatar image

@lgportes, is ur imessage now activated with ur own number? mine is just on waiting for activation

(22 Feb '13, 14:57) tumajay tumajay's gravatar image

@tumajay my iMessage is working but with an Apple Id Mail, the number is unknown

(22 Feb '13, 23:52) lgportes lgportes's gravatar image

@lgportes Can you please send me the instructions as well? I would be really glad if you did. My email is [this is not craigslist]

(26 Feb '13, 23:02) xdean23 xdean23's gravatar image

@lgportes Please send me the instructions

(02 Mar '13, 05:18) sam12345 sam12345's gravatar image

@lgportes cand u send me instructions for enable sms /data on iphone 5 sprint please my email is removed

(25 Apr '13, 03:04) danylink danylink's gravatar image

@lgportes : how do i contact you ?? I have a sprint iphone 5 unlocked with r sim 7 ...... Everythin works fyn with me i.e edge/3g calls and all ..... But still not able to send sms ..... Can you please help me out??


answered 06 Mar '13, 15:22

Shasvatpatel5678's gravatar image


My email is removed or removed thank you

(11 Mar '13, 10:03) davidlamotta davidlamotta's gravatar image

@lgportes , @tumajay and other user, can anyone please send me tutorial on how to enable 3G and sms using Rsim7+ and how to remove actiavtion message that keeps poping?



answered 28 Feb '13, 17:40

sam12345's gravatar image




I am using Gevey RSIM7 (v3.0) with Sprint iPhone5 CDMA (Model MD660LL/A with iOS6.1.2(10B146)/Baseband 3.04.25) to use overseas SIM. Phone call and receiving SMS works but sending SMS and mobile data does not work.

I was told it is APN problem but now that I have done Jailbreak using Evasi0n I can change my APN settings, however that does not fix it.

I also receive message occasionally telling me phone is not activated. Not sure if that is related, but it also shows "My Number: Unknown" under Settings -> Phone.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix the data/sms sending? please help me to solve this problem or send me instructions were i can solve this problem please friends help me [this is not craigslist]


answered 02 Mar '13, 04:25

nkallur12's gravatar image


edited 08 Mar '13, 00:10

spockers's gravatar image

spockers ♦♦

Please only post an answer if you are actually answering the question.

(02 Mar '13, 05:05) sstur sstur's gravatar image

can u send it to me too please

[this is not craigslist]

(07 Mar '13, 00:17) luisgtz luisgtz's gravatar image

where can i find the solution, im not intended to do bussines with this solution, i just want my iphone 5 to totally work

help please

thanks in advance @lgportes

(19 Mar '13, 17:55) luisgtz luisgtz's gravatar image

any progress ?

(27 Mar '13, 16:58) sievi sievi's gravatar image

Have you tried adding the Cydia repo:

Then install the iPhone 5 Nano GPP L133. it works sometimes with that, but I'm only seeing Edge data for now.

(18 Apr '13, 16:47) supermariokart supermariokart's gravatar image

The solution is still working with the IOS 7 evasi0n jailbreak... There are minimal changes in the carrier.plist files. Enable Tethering with tetherme is not working. Trying to find how to fix that.

(02 Jan '14, 11:15) lgportes lgportes's gravatar image

please can i have tutorial to solve the problem my email is removed

(09 Apr '14, 14:35) spryo2013 spryo2013's gravatar image

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