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I need to quickly mark all 3000 emails as read after a restore. I know there's a tweak called "Mark Read" for $2, but for this one-time task I don't want to pay anything. I found that this tweak actually just goes to the database and marks all emails there, just like this: so I tried that. Unfortunately the table "messages" doesn't exist anymore in current iOS. What are the instructions for the current iOS6.1? Is that documented somewhere or do I have to find that out myself?

asked 05 Feb '13, 20:06

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http ♦

Not sure if this will work but here goes: for marking as read : There is a simple solution with the edit button. Select Edit, Pick Any item, hold the mark key down and unselect the same item. When you mark as read it will mark all as read. -one-simple-trick And for deleting

  1. Go to your email folder
  2. Click the Edit button
  3. Select one email (any email)
  4. Click and HOLD the Move button (or Mark button also works with this trick)
  5. While holding the Move button, deselect the email you selected (so that no emails are selected and you are still holding the button
  6. Release the button   It should then give you the option to move all the emails in that folder to another folder (which could be trash, or whatever your heart desires). This is NOT a Select All button, and I couldn't agree more that it is a shame that the feature was not thrown into the new iOS 6, but this is a work-around to achieve the same goal. For example, you could first select the emails you want to save, move those into a Save folder, then move the rest to the Trash folder using this method.

answered 05 Feb '13, 20:14

Dalecheesy's gravatar image


edited 05 Feb '13, 20:18


I didn't want to move it, just mark as read. But hey, your trick worked!

(05 Feb '13, 20:22) http ♦ http's gravatar image

Whoops did you do the second move one before I'd edited it to include the all read fix? I was slow to update the instructions sorry :( Glad it worked though. Suppose it's just another Apple quirk :)


answered 05 Feb '13, 20:25

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