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This backup chart is no longer necessary because the original spreadsheet is now accessible.

View iOS 6 tweak compatibility spreadsheet.

Additional notes:

Known tweaks that cause the "quarter screen" bug: Deck, an old version of Transparency, and an old version of RetinaPad. Instructions for getting rid of that bug.

How to automatically find out when your favorite incompatible packages get updated: go to the package page in Cydia, tap "Change Package Settings" at the top, and switch on "Show All Changes" (labeled "Activate this to see upgrades to this package even when it is not installed").

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asked 05 Feb '13, 18:50

britta's gravatar image


closed 07 Aug '13, 20:50

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spockers ♦♦

@Pepper I tried reproducing your issue with Summerboard themes causing safe mode but they seem to work fine for me. Can you explain more about what you tried?

(06 Feb '13, 14:42) britta britta's gravatar image

sure, install "Mac OSX Icons" theme on my repo, it requires summerboard, crashes every time. Turn off summerboard, of course the icons don't apply, but it doesn't crash. If you want to debug the theme, maybe it will expose a bug for you to fix, or you can tell me how to fix the theme?

(06 Feb '13, 15:01) Pepper ♦ Pepper's gravatar image

Could you check these out:

SMS Timestamps









(07 Feb '13, 00:35) Huntz Huntz's gravatar image

Does anyone know if DeleteWorld works? On a site note, we should start a campaign to request DeleteWorld to be compatible with SwipeSelection? :P

(07 Feb '13, 00:50) K0GAi K0GAi's gravatar image

Any information about DePersistWifi? (

(07 Feb '13, 13:48) lukas3939 lukas3939's gravatar image

and (libidsms) is cost crash for sms

(07 Feb '13, 15:32) hawbir hawbir's gravatar image

call counter not working on ios 6.1 iphone 5

(07 Feb '13, 16:57) vinugupta09 vinugupta09's gravatar image

Iphonedelivery is also not work :)

(07 Feb '13, 18:15) hawbir hawbir's gravatar image

Copic and Tab+ working for me.

(08 Feb '13, 02:09) Sudsy Sudsy's gravatar image

Five icon switcher is "partly working" - the icons in the switcher are not properly spaced (icons are cramped and overlap). Functionality is not affected.

(08 Feb '13, 05:10) rbiz rbiz's gravatar image

Stride is compatible with ios 6 but I get safe mode whenever i have lockinfo 5 and stride running.

(08 Feb '13, 12:42) Soraie Soraie's gravatar image

BatteryInfo For Notification Working fine for me :)

(08 Feb '13, 13:18) rain111 rain111's gravatar image

Mail SureSend and SMS Timestamps work on 6.1

(08 Feb '13, 16:25) lukas3939 lukas3939's gravatar image

@Soraie You should report that to the developers of LockInfo 5 and Stride so that they know they should fix it.

(08 Feb '13, 17:18) britta britta's gravatar image

I don't see 3D Board in the list. Is that one working? Thanks for all your hard work.

(08 Feb '13, 18:15) DirectorEvil DirectorEvil's gravatar image

I noticed that the following programs are not working for me. Mail Enhancer and Pro; Aloud, Speak Events, Cydelete, PDA Net, and Custom SIRI Background.

(08 Feb '13, 19:38) AM1480 AM1480's gravatar image

Hands-Free Control not working on iOS 6.1 JB

Goes to safe mode when you say "Siri"

SiriToggles installs but does not work.

BrowserChooser working but bounces to Safari first before going to Chrome.

(09 Feb '13, 01:01) prometheus888 prometheus888's gravatar image

Does the gameboy emulator work?

(09 Feb '13, 09:12) chintss chintss's gravatar image

Without AW-Open (and its plugins) , WifiIcon and Cydget working.

There is absolutely no point in updating to iOS 6

All of which are not working or not working 100%

(09 Feb '13, 13:31) Knife10K Knife10K's gravatar image

I dont think lockdown pro is compatibale. I installed it but after that when i try to close application through AUXO, mobile was start respring then land it in safe mode. I uninstalled it and it works fine. I think AUXO and LOCKDOWN PRO got problem with each other. Update: after installing new evasion update, mine is working fine now. Long boot time fixed as well:)

(09 Feb '13, 15:43) gr8dar gr8dar's gravatar image

I have the same issue with springtomizer 2 multitasking in land scape it pnly shows for a fraction of second when swipping . I didnt try to increase the docking icons so am not sure. But there is definitly some issues with springtomizer 2

(09 Feb '13, 15:50) amro amro's gravatar image

I am having an issue with GPower Pro. I have it triggered to a short hold via the lock button and it opens fine no problem. But when I activate it again right after I close it my phone reboots and goes into safe mode.

(09 Feb '13, 19:34) Huntz Huntz's gravatar image

can you guys test something.

In activator select "from home screen" > Sleep short Hold > SBSettings (Airplane mode).

When activated does this crash for anyone else ?

(09 Feb '13, 19:42) Knife10K Knife10K's gravatar image

would appreciate if two separate lists where made one of iOS 6.0.1 and one for 6.1

(10 Feb '13, 07:33) Knife10K Knife10K's gravatar image

@Knife10K Okay, start working on those 2 lists then. Seriously though, who is going to go to the extra trouble to test every tweak on non-current (6.0.1 is not current) firmware?

(10 Feb '13, 17:12) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

does quicklock 2 compatible in ios 6.1?

(10 Feb '13, 19:08) unheard26 unheard26's gravatar image

Cydget or a bust.

(11 Feb '13, 08:02) Knife10K Knife10K's gravatar image

ULTIMATE list ! The three most notable updates in the last 24 hours are

  • The iCleaner beta (available from the exile beta repo).

  • DisplayOut (which has been completely re-written to work on iOS6)

  • Auxo (now fully 100% functional on iOS6)

Here is the list of 100% working/non-working tweaks & apps.


  • Pandora Downloader

  • DisplayOut

  • BlurriedNCBackground (tad tiny bit slow on 3gs but bearable)

  • Activator I'm using the 1.6.2-2 version from the Netoobuntu repo with home button sleep on lockscreen enabled. Its named (iOS6 - Activator). CRITICAL Note: if you get errors after installing this or other apps that depend on it for the most part they are completely safe and you can ignore them. New versions of activator do NOT allow for some menu based selection items launch-able with buttons because of collision issues. But if you don't use menus this is perfectly safe.

  • FirewallIP

  • Callbar (i think this is working but haven't fully tested)
  • Cyntact
  • iFile
  • iCleaner
  • IntelliscreenX
  • Activoice/NowNow
  • PwnTunes
  • WiFiBooster
  • AdBlocker
  • Appjnfo
  • CleverPin
  • Zeppelin
  • Mobile Terminal
  • iWep Pro5
  • DirectControl
  • Mewseek
  • AppStat
  • iComing
  • FreeMmeory
  • WifiFoFum
  • DataMonitor
  • AlbumArt on Switcher

Works but takes MAJOR fiddling

  • Bigboss Airplane SBSetiing Bosspreff

Partially works

  • Sparrow+(No push!?)

Doesn't work but has alternate

  • Artist switcher - Auxo [Alternate]

  • Cydelete (?Now has partial Native Support????? odd stuff here)

Possibly works

  • xCon / xCon Alias (in beta testing)

  • iSleepwell

Don't work :( (YET!)

  • WifiIcon
  • Cidget
  • Cydialer

And finally need to work or there is no point in keeping iOS6 at all (in order of priority)

  • AW-Open (AW-Prefs) The notifiy overlay for it however does still function so thats SOME good news

  • Cydget (Cydialer)

In closing i said it before i'll say it again.


(12 Feb '13, 16:55) Knife10K Knife10K's gravatar image

Works but takes MAJOR fiddling

•Bigboss Airplane SBSetiing Bosspreff

It works for me but the icon is blank (I posted a query on this). What fiddling is needed?

(13 Feb '13, 00:00) troels troels's gravatar image

Do No Disturb Toggle(via SBSettings)

(Works but status does not reflect in Settings App,like Wifi etc.)

(14 Feb '13, 21:24) sandeeproy sandeeproy's gravatar image

@Troels you need to uninstall it and then re-install but make sure you also install the airplane mode bosspreff version as well as sbinfoGrabber. I will update this more when i get a chance later today.

@sandeeproy ill take a look at that today first chance i get.

Sparrow+ has now been updated to fully work on iOS6. This basically means now that every useful tweak/app except for cydget that is considered a "daily rider" is now working for iOS6.

iOS6.1 is now to be considered only 2 single major daily rider tweaks away from being considered for daily use testing.

If cydget is not fixed soon and saurik does not present us with a way to disable the VolumeUp>Safemode feature I will be making recommendations on here, reddit, and to my clients/friends/colleges to go back to 5.1.1

This is also due to the new passcode vulnerabilities found.

If you wish to remove your volume up button completely (remove or disable the actual hardware) and don't use cydget or use something in its place then iOS6 is now right for you.

(15 Feb '13, 08:55) Knife10K Knife10K's gravatar image

Just wanted to point out that winterboard(and its summerboard feature) is now fully compatible with iOS6. But probably more importantly spline reticulation (graphics optimize features) now fully works on iOS6 as well.

Still no word on cydget :(

(16 Feb '13, 20:33) Knife10K Knife10K's gravatar image

The question has been closed for being "18 answers is enough" by spockers, 07 Aug '13, 20:50

12next »

xMessages 1.2.8-4- Contact pictures cause safe mode, but it can be run with this feature disabled. However, if you have any feature of xMessages enabled, the "add picture" feature is hidden in the SMS app. xMessages somehow blocks this feature.

Landscape lock Rotation 1.1 - working correctly

DataMonitor 2.2 - Working Correctly

Data Deposit 1.0.3 - Working Correctly

WAlpha 1.0.0 - Appears to be working correctly but on first installation caused lockscreen and homescreen images to disappear (just see a black background), but does not cause a crash. Full reboot solved this issue.

Fake Clock Up 0.2-1 - working correctly

Five Icon Switcher 1.1-2 - Partially working - the icons in the switcher are not properly spaced (icons are cramped and overlap). Functionality is not affected.

Password Pilot 1.2-1 - Working

NCSettings 1.6.1-1 - Partially working. The brightness slider does not function correctly (brightness will return to the level set in the settings app

Scrobbl 0.9.6-1 - Working correctly

Statusbarcustomclock4 0.4-1 - working correctly


answered 08 Feb '13, 08:10

rbiz's gravatar image


THANK YOU! I couldn't for the life of me figure out where my camera button had gone in Messages. Turned off xMessages and it came right back. :-)

(08 Feb '13, 19:50) lobsterkatie lobsterkatie's gravatar image

Hi, is anyone else experiencing trouble with the app switcher in landscape? I think it might be an issue with springtomize2 (which also seems to be unable to edit the number of doc icons >4, possibly a clash with 'five dock icons' when I initially installed though). In landscape the icons in the switcher disappear however flicker on briefly when swiped. P.s any ios6 replacements for ipsum?


answered 09 Feb '13, 06:30

robflixx's gravatar image



I have the same issue with springtomizer 2 multitasking in land scape it pnly shows for a fraction of second when swipping . I didnt try to increase the docking icons so am not sure. But there is definitly some issues with springtomizer 2

(09 Feb '13, 15:52) amro amro's gravatar image

Any chance you guys could check out a few others? Thanks!!!






favorite contacts for NC


photo info

respring options



(Oh, and to add to your list: SoftwareUpdateKiller is listed as being compatible on its cydia page)


answered 06 Feb '13, 20:43

lobsterkatie's gravatar image


I dont think I installed stayopened but it's staying open, iOS6?

(06 Feb '13, 21:12) exzeroex exzeroex's gravatar image

StayOpened's functionality already exists in iOS 6.

(07 Feb '13, 00:21) kirb ♦ kirb's gravatar image

Why are you still trying to use emojiPro on iOS 6? :)

(07 Feb '13, 00:48) K0GAi K0GAi's gravatar image

Missedcallopening will cause phone app to crash

(07 Feb '13, 05:30) Sudsy Sudsy's gravatar image

favorite contacts for NC just got updated, so it's compatible

@K0GAi: are those extra emoji built in with ios6? (i haven't gone up yet, so I don't know -- @thekirbylover: also didn't know that)

thanks to everyone for their feedback!

(07 Feb '13, 07:37) lobsterkatie lobsterkatie's gravatar image

@thekirbylover: yes, that tweak used to actually unlock the new emoticons that were introduced in iOS 5.1 but with iOS 6+, not only those are there but there are also even more and they show up in the order they should have originally been shown up via that tweak. :)

(07 Feb '13, 14:28) K0GAi K0GAi's gravatar image

update: curiosa appears to be working

(08 Feb '13, 19:42) lobsterkatie lobsterkatie's gravatar image

Unfold crashes iPhonr

(11 Feb '13, 08:21) dooonot dooonot's gravatar image

AssitantLove isn't working. Goes into safe mode when trying to open apps, navigate, etc.

PandoraSkips works fine.

WeatherIcon completely crashes on a 4s

LowPowerBanner - No effect

SpringFlash works

Star Wars Sounds - No effect

Winterboard - on a 4s I can't get any themes for battery, wifi, signal logo, slider, battery to work. The only exception is "Bean Domo Closer Buttons" That's the only reason I know Winterboard is working at all.


answered 07 Feb '13, 03:19

sdj544's gravatar image


@sdj544 Most Winterboard themes currently in Cydia were built for iOS 5 or lower, not for iOS 6. Those themes probably didn't work because they need to be updated for iOS 6. (Winterboard itself is compatible with iOS 6, minus a few possible bugs related to lockscreen notifications, Summerboard mode, and sound themes.)

(07 Feb '13, 06:04) britta britta's gravatar image

It would be nice if package maintainers actually used the Cydia/system dependencies for model and version restrictions...

(10 Feb '13, 14:14) aksansai aksansai's gravatar image

As of 6.1 the following are NOT working or not working 100%



And the obvious...

Cydelete (however there is now some functionality to delete cydia apps like iCleaner)


These tweaks/apps are having some minor issues.

PkgBackup (dropbox support is having issues but sugarsync still works ok)


answered 09 Feb '13, 13:18

Knife10K's gravatar image


edited 09 Feb '13, 13:20

I have been using PkgBackup since last night and was able to use it on an Verizon iPad Mini, an AT&T 4S, an AT&T 3GS and a couple of hours ago on a Sprint 4S and it's been working ok with DropBox. Did you update it? It wasn't working with 6.1 but it's been updated to version 5.3.1

(09 Feb '13, 14:47) Aerocare Aerocare's gravatar image

I've had no luck with Exchange Unlock 2.1.1 on iOS 6.1 with a 4S. Still frequently requiring a passcode and doesn't unlock the mail account. Anyone else having issues with this?


answered 10 Feb '13, 12:46

epanzner's gravatar image


Paperlock; Shortly after I lock my device, this tweak causes my device to go into safe mode. Anyone else experiencing this?


answered 10 Feb '13, 15:04

bawbaw989's gravatar image


in the post they say that preference folders isn't supported yet, but I installed the old version waiting for the update and its working great on ios 6.1 iphone 4s. u can go and check it out yourself.


answered 10 Feb '13, 17:08

amro's gravatar image


does quicklock 2 compatible in ios 6.1?


answered 10 Feb '13, 19:07

unheard26's gravatar image


I tried EZdecline. It doesn't work. When people call, it goes to safemode instantly.

Unlockize also doesn't work. It causes boot logo loop.

I've tried appcake. It's ok some of the time. It works as long as you let everything load, if you move around the app before it's done, it crash closes. Also the apps I've gotten from it are starting to crash now.

Cydelete doesn't work. if you try to delete anything, cydia or normal, it cause safe mode and it doesn't delete, however it's good to note that it installs useful things needed for cydia to function.


answered 10 Feb '13, 23:07

lasciel's gravatar image


edited 10 Feb '13, 23:38

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