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Hello All,

So, used the evasi0n jailbreak for 6.1 (ipad mini wifi 16gb only) and now want to restore. I saved SHSH before original jail break using tinyumbrealla.

So, I start TinyUmbrella, start TSS server, Open itunes, hold shift, click restore, select firmware. When itunes verifys with apple, i get error "Could not restore (11)"

Does anyone know what to do, or help with this situation?


asked 05 Feb '13, 14:43

needshelp's gravatar image


Enter dfu mode and restore from iTunes.


answered 05 Feb '13, 15:10

Darknlight55's gravatar image


OK, i'll try that now. Thanks. Do i need to edit the host file at all? Thanks

(05 Feb '13, 15:15) needshelp needshelp's gravatar image

Er.. No. Just restore from dfu mode no need to edit anything. iTunes will do everything to restore.

Edit: yes if you were downgrading and you changed the IP address to a different server then you need to change the IP address back to the apple server.

(05 Feb '13, 15:17) Darknlight55 Darknlight55's gravatar image

..Will update in a few mins on what happened. Thanks

(05 Feb '13, 15:18) needshelp needshelp's gravatar image


Error: "ipad could not be restored. An unknown error occured 3014"

Any ideas?

(05 Feb '13, 15:23) needshelp needshelp's gravatar image

You need to change the host file back to the apple IP address. Sry think that mattered at first. Look at the link above^ if you see that line in the host file remove it. Not sure if tiny umbrella does something different but this is how Saurik has his setup.

(05 Feb '13, 15:29) Darknlight55 Darknlight55's gravatar image

Uninstall tiny umbrella and Here is how to clean the host file properly.

(05 Feb '13, 15:34) Darknlight55 Darknlight55's gravatar image

"hmmph." I try to redirect it back to apple but it keeps going to cydia. using I now get error code 3194 could not restore.

Am i doing something wrong?

Thanks for helping me

(05 Feb '13, 15:36) needshelp needshelp's gravatar image

Should work if you follow this. Make sure tiny umbrella I uninstalled also.


Close iTunes Start –> Programs –> Accessories Run Notepad or WordPad (as administrator on windows 7) Click “Open..” from File menu. Browse to Windows/System32/drivers/etc In "files of type:" select all documents Open "hosts" Either delete all line that has "", or add a "#" sign at the beginning of the line to comment it out Hit Save Reboot computer for changes to take effect. Visit to verify that the hosts file is pointing to Apple and not Cydia. Restore your device.

(05 Feb '13, 15:40) Darknlight55 Darknlight55's gravatar image

.Rebooting PC now. will update you when back. Cheers

(05 Feb '13, 15:42) needshelp needshelp's gravatar image

Try restarting your computer also. Can try this if you did the above maybe open cmd in administrator and type ipconfig/ flushdns

(05 Feb '13, 15:42) Darknlight55 Darknlight55's gravatar image


Darknlight55, Really appreciate your help! Seems to be working. It's in the restore process as we speak! Will let you know when 100% complete.

(05 Feb '13, 15:50) needshelp needshelp's gravatar image

No problem I'm glad it's working. :)

(05 Feb '13, 15:52) Darknlight55 Darknlight55's gravatar image

Final restore complete. I think I just needed to restart my PC.

Thank god you were online when I asked this question. Thumbs up. Thank you.

(05 Feb '13, 15:59) needshelp needshelp's gravatar image

New question, which i forgot to ask, forgive me.

After restoring from a jailbreak, will I still be legible for future iOS releases?

Thanks again

(05 Feb '13, 17:19) needshelp needshelp's gravatar image

Short answer Yes.

If you have a jailbreak normally to get the latest version of iOS you would just remove the jailbreak by restoring the device. The jailbreak prevents updates to the iOS when it is on the device. But as soon as you restore your device back to stock you can update freely.

(05 Feb '13, 17:26) Darknlight55 Darknlight55's gravatar image

cool, the reason I ask is because i've tried to Restore without using the Shift key to select a firmware, but it gives error code 3014. When the device is in DFU mode, it seems to allow the restore process to proceed. This isn't the old jailbreak affecting my device is it?

(05 Feb '13, 17:30) needshelp needshelp's gravatar image


It seems upgrading to iTunes 11 is needed to perform the restore without using the Shift option. Thanks again - Darknlight55

(05 Feb '13, 17:47) needshelp needshelp's gravatar image

No that error just means the iTunes cannot reach the update server. Because you we're using tiny umbrella to downgrade, the host file being changed was the issue.

(05 Feb '13, 17:49) Darknlight55 Darknlight55's gravatar image

iTunes 10.7 was giving error 3014. iTunes 11 sorted the error out.

Thanks for all your help mate. You know your stuff :)

(05 Feb '13, 17:53) needshelp needshelp's gravatar image

if you are trying to restore to 6.1 you dont need tss and all that (it wouldnt work anyways, tss is for 4.x.x and below)

if you are trying to downgrade the ios, you cant, sorry


answered 05 Feb '13, 14:46

theiphoneguy's gravatar image

theiphoneguy ♦

ah really? I thought i would need tss from past jailbreaks.

I'm not trying to downgrade so to speak. The current firmware on my ipad was 6.1, i then did the evasi0n jailbreak. I now want to restore to original 6.1 firmware, so that I don't have the jailbreak on my ipad anymore.

I just keep getting the error in itunes "(could not restore (11))"

Is there anything you think, that might be stopping it? Thanks for quick response

(05 Feb '13, 15:05) needshelp needshelp's gravatar image
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