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Hello everyone. I usually never had a problem upgradeing my iPhone 3Gs, but now with these new updates i have my concerns as to what steps needed to be followed in the most safe possible way.

My iPhone, 3Gs version 5.1.1(9B206)Modem Firmware 06.15.00. I'm using T-mobile it was an AT&T locked when i bought it, the baseband was not 06.15.00, i dont remember which one was.

So what are the steps. I first upgrade it via iTunes to 6.0. Then upgrade it again via iTunes to 6.1. And then jailbreak it using what tool. Do i need to worry for the baseband giving the fact its 06.15.00, of being upgraded by iTunes? And what is the easy way to see if your GPS is working properlu or not, and if i need to downgrade my baseband, will it be safe? and what baseband should be, should be before the upgrade of 6.0/6.1 or after. OR Do i need to make a custom formware, (whats the best tool for it?) no matter what to avoid problems, for version 6.0, and install it, then another custom firmware for 6.1 then install it, again to avoid other errors.

Its true you never know what might go wrong, BUT, If we can get this step by step tutorial on how to do it right i guess many will find it usefull, before messing theyre iPhones.

Thank you in advance.

asked 05 Feb '13, 14:32

Alanick's gravatar image


  1. back up your data with itunes or icloud.
  2. restore with itunes and setup as a new device.
  3. jailbrak.
  4. use redsn0w to downgrade your baseband to 05.13.
  5. retore your backed up data to your device..

if your device get's stuck in recovery mode after the restore ( itunes logo + usb ) open redsn0w and go to the "extras > fix recovery "


answered 05 Feb '13, 14:34

Mark%20Hack's gravatar image

Mark Hack ♦

edited 05 Feb '13, 14:41

You didn't specify though, restore with itunes and setup as a new device using what firmware first? then whats the next step. then jailbreak using WHAT tool, if i use redsnow, what are the steps to get the baseband to 05.13. Please not just short descriptions, a much more elaborate detailed answer, PLEASE.

(05 Feb '13, 14:53) Alanick Alanick's gravatar image

6.1 - jailbreak using

(05 Feb '13, 14:58) Mark Hack ♦ Mark%20Hack's gravatar image

first step,downgrade your baseband using redsn0w,then download the 6.1 and 6.0 ipsw,use restore mode (using 6.1 ipsw)through redsn0w after the process go to extras and select the 6.0 ipsw then jailbreak it making it tethered,if any issues like boot loop just use recovery fix,open up cydia and download evasi0n 6.x untether


answered 05 Feb '13, 14:37

palacs's gravatar image


edited 05 Feb '13, 14:38

no, if they downgrade the baseband before they update it will just reflash again.. making them up/downgrade it again.

(05 Feb '13, 14:40) Mark Hack ♦ Mark%20Hack's gravatar image
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