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Hello. I'm trying to jailbreak my ipod touch 5 running ios 6.1. When i turn on evasi0n it just doesn't see my device, i can see all the buttons and text but when i connect my ipod nothing happens. Please help

asked 04 Feb '13, 12:20

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I had the same problem initially but the following steps got me working:

  1. Check and make sure that everything on your computers end is detecting the iPhone. On Windows, go to your device manager and make sure that "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver" is showing up under the USB controllers section. If not, go to and see if any of those solutions work.
  2. Install iTunes. Initially, I didn't have iTunes installed but my computer was detecting the device just fine. I ran evasi0n but it still wasn't showing up. Installed iTunes, and another driver was installed. Reopened evasi0n and was able to jailbreak successfully!

Give those a try! Good luck :)


answered 04 Feb '13, 12:43

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Same problem here. Do I need to install itunes on the PC i'm using for this?


answered 04 Feb '13, 12:37

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Try unplugging your device and restart the computer. Once it restarts, run evasi0n and plug your device back in and follow prompts.


answered 04 Feb '13, 12:39

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just run itnues to recognize it and close it then run evasi0n and all good


answered 04 Feb '13, 12:40

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I had the same problem. I was on Windows 8, tried windows 7 and it worked!

Good luck!

P.S. Yes you need iTunes for it to work as it has all the drivers for your phone ;)


answered 04 Feb '13, 12:41

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answered 26 Dec '14, 14:36

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