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Upgrading to 6.1 means that I will loose some of my tweaks. Since my iPhone 4 works perfect right now, I just want to benefit from the 'untethered' part of the JB while preserving all of my current tweaks and iOS system as is.

So, Can I perform an Evasi0n JB on 6.0.1 w/o upgrading to 6.1 & restoring?

Thanks in advance.

And 'keep pushin, evad3rs!'....thank you for being there.

asked 04 Feb '13, 00:58

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No. If you are currently jailbroken you either need to restore and rejailbreak or wait until an untether patch is released to Cydia.

You can't just run the jailbreak on top of another one


answered 04 Feb '13, 01:03

cybr1d's gravatar image

cybr1d ♦

edited 04 Feb '13, 01:03

Even if 'uncheck' Cydia? (if that's the type of jailbreak it's going to be-i.e. redsnow)

I recall being able to overlaps jailbreaks in the past. Even rejailbreaking with the same jailbreak installed to get through a tough boot loop.

still No.? :)

(04 Feb '13, 01:06) bbbyjn bbbyjn's gravatar image

I guess it is possible if it's like redsn0w with that option. (I doubt it will be). I wouldn't wanna be the test dummy. Best to just sure to save your shsh and wait for more details ;)

(04 Feb '13, 01:09) cybr1d ♦ cybr1d's gravatar image


EDIT: Didn't read the question properly. If you're already jailbroken tethered, you'll probably need to restore as @curly420 said.


answered 04 Feb '13, 00:59

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iphpwn4 ♦

edited 04 Feb '13, 01:25

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cybr1d ♦


(04 Feb '13, 01:12) cybr1d ♦ cybr1d's gravatar image


• 'Yes' is answering my original question? • Yet then you say, 'No', I'll have to restore like suggested. • But then Curly420 added that I might be able to if it's a Redsn0w device. (not as important as the above two points as it remains to be seen)

Forgive me but I'm obviously not getting something.

(04 Feb '13, 01:22) bbbyjn bbbyjn's gravatar image

The point is, it's not out yet, so we don't know with 100% certainty. You are just going to have to wait.

(04 Feb '13, 01:27) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

crossed out his "yes" ;) I think I have this one covered.

I only think it will be possible if evasi0n has an 'untether only' option. (something like 'unchecking cydia') But only time will tell.

(04 Feb '13, 01:28) cybr1d ♦ cybr1d's gravatar image

Thanks Curly420.

(04 Feb '13, 01:30) bbbyjn bbbyjn's gravatar image

just don't be so eager to try evasi0n that you screw up your whole device ;)

(04 Feb '13, 01:31) cybr1d ♦ cybr1d's gravatar image

Yeah..that's, I think, what my question actually flushed out. Hopefully the Evad3rs will address that in the release so as to warn or to invite/enable such side-grades as there are many of use who sit in my position.

Course, if I try to JB on top of my 6.0.1 with their tool no matter what they say and it screws it up, well, then I'll just be doing a restore why not try, huh?

That might be the real answer. :)


answered 04 Feb '13, 01:37

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