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When ever I try to restore from iCloud and it always get some files back but not all has there been way to get all your things from iCloud while jailbroken

asked 03 Feb '13, 23:44

Dasin's gravatar image


I have tested this method with a 3GS and iPhone 5 on 6.1.2. I was able to trigger the iCloud restore mode while the phone was Jailbroken. No need to restore (which should be helpful when Apple stops signing 6.1.2 and you cannot ever restore that version on A5+ devices). I should note that if you have a passcode on your phone, you will be prompted for it before it goes into the restore mode. Please only do this if you have a good backup and it would be beneficial if folks tried this before the 6.1.2 window closes in case a full restore is needed.

The goal of this document is to allow a iCloud restore on a device without restoring the firmware for when firmware isn't signed and/or SHSH's are not available for restore, or the hardware (A5+) doesn't support SHSH use on 6.0+ firmware. Note, this isn't required for iTunes restore of backup (not restore of firmware) since iTunes can do this at anytime.

This guide assumes you know how to ssh into your device as root.

1) SSH in as root@device (password is alpine if you've left the default password - I hope not)

     cp -Rp ~mobile/Library/Preferences ~mobile/Library/Preferences.bak1
     cp -Rp ~mobile/Library/Preferences ~mobile/Library/Preferences.bak2

Yes, two copies; you'll see why later..

     cp -Rp ~mobile/Library/ConfigurationProfiles ~mobile/Library/ConfigurationProfiles.bak

2) If you wish to re-Activate your phone (or go through that step again. not necessary if you're keeping your phone).

     cp -Rp /var/root/Library/Lockdown /var/root/Library/Lockdown.bak

3) If you are keeping/giving your phone to someone you trust, these are all optional. A restore will overwrite these, anyway. This is mainly for if you're selling your phone but the person wants a jailbreak.

Remove Keychains (if you leave this, your wifi, app credentials, mail credentials are retained)

  rm -rf /private/var/Keychains/*

Remove Photos

  rm -rf ~mobile/Media/PhotoData/*

Remove Music

  rm -rf ~mobile/Media/iTunes_Control/*

Remove Books

  rm -rf ~mobile/Media/Books/*

Remove Apps

  ls -latd /var/mobile/Applications/* | grep -v -- '->' | xargs rm -rf

Remove SMS

  rm -rf ~mobile/Library/SMS/*

Remove Safari bookmarks

  rm -rf ~mobile/Library/Safari/*

Remove Calendars

  rm -rf ~mobile/Library/Calendar/*

Remove Contacts

  rm -rf ~mobile/Library/AddressBook/*

Remove Voicemail

  rm -rf ~mobile/Library/Voicemail/*

Remove Mail

  rm -rf ~mobile/Library/Mail/*

Remove Accounts

  rm -rf ~mobile/Library/Accounts/*

4) Finally... This is what triggers the iCloud restore. If it doesn't trigger the restore option the first time, ssh in and remove them again.

  rm -rf ~mobile/Library/Preferences
  rm -rf ~mobile/Library/ConfigurationProfiles

5) Type "reboot". If your phone has a passcode, it will still have one. Restore via iCloud. Cydia apps will not be touched, however preferences for those apps may be gone if they aren't in you're restore data. If restore fails, hit back button and try again.

6) After restore... Everything should work, but cellular data will likely be broken. I've spent hours trying to figure out why you can't directly copy files from the backup directory to the live Preferences. It's likely the file is in use or something, not really sure. This is a way to get around the file being in use. The goal is to restore the old voiceservices.plist to the new Preferences directory. The only way to do it is this convoluted way.

SSH in as root:

   cd ~mobile/Library/Preferences.bak2 
   ls -1 | grep -v voiceservices | xargs rm -f
   cd ~mobile/Library/Preferences
   rm -f
   cp -Rp * ../Preferences.bak2
   cd ..
   mv Preferences
   mv Preferences.bak2 Preferences

You should be done. If you have a device with cellular data, turn your WIFI off and verify cellular data service works.

Once you have verified things are working, you can go in an clean up your directories.

   rm -rf ~mobile/Library/Preferences.bak1
   rm -rf ~mobile/Library/ConfigurationProfiles.bak
   rm -rf /var/root/Library/Lockdown.bak

If you really want to remove other cydia packages (that aren't essential), you could try this, but use at your own risk, and Cydia complains about removing stuff you shouldn't then ctrl-c out of the apt-get command.

  dpkg --get-selections "*" | egrep -v 'gsc.|cydia|apt|dpkg|base|cy+|utils|firmware|berkeleydb|evasi0n|bzip2|gnupg|gzip|lzma|bash|curl|grep|cmds|tar|zip|apr-lib|darwin|repo.icons|pcre|sed|uikit|opens' |  sed 's/install/purge/' | dpkg --set-selections
  apt-get -y --force-yes dselect-upgrade

Enjoy. Bug me on Twitter if you run into issues: @bubbaiOS

This answer is marked "community wiki".

answered 07 Mar '13, 10:42

bubbaiOS's gravatar image


edited 15 Mar '13, 20:03

No, you can only restore iCloud backups at activation and activation has to be done before jailbreaking.

This is why it is better to use iTunes back ups. You can restore them at any time.


answered 03 Feb '13, 23:46

cybr1d's gravatar image

cybr1d ♦

There needs to be a app where u can restore from iCloud at any time

(08 Feb '13, 09:22) Dasin Dasin's gravatar image
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