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Well Its Been 5 Hours Thats Haves Been On 85% When Is It Going To Change Or At Least Finish

asked 03 Feb '13, 19:06

ixsouthsiderxi's gravatar image


closed 03 Feb '13, 19:18

britta's gravatar image


The question has been closed for being "About future unlock/jailbreak - please be patient, it'll be ready when they're done." by britta, 03 Feb '13, 19:18

It's something free being provided to you by these guys. They can take all the time they please.


answered 03 Feb '13, 19:07

gpscar's gravatar image


The Evad3rs team never stated that the JB would be released on Super Bowl Sunday! The original tweet I believe was simply "What is everyone doing for Super Bowl Sunday?" ..... The Evad3rs team all have a life outside of providing us with a JB, they have families, jobs and other commitments... They provide us with a Jailbreak out of the goodness of their own hearts, they don't get paid for all the work they put into the JBs and they do all this in their spare time! There is a lots of work involved in JBing and they have to be sure that it all works before releasing it to the public, I know I would prefer to wait another week or two just to know that it won't brick my phone or iPad! Instead of everyone saying where's the JB people should be saying THANKYOU for all the hard work that these people put into providing us with the JBing option! In my eyes these guys are LEGENDS!


answered 03 Feb '13, 19:30

Cowboy's gravatar image


yes we know they are angels who surround us with all the goodness of this world.

(03 Feb '13, 19:54) redevil1987 redevil1987's gravatar image

as it has been pointed earlier, it takes so long because the developers try to get enough money from donations and ads. Since today is superball or whatever it is called, it is a great time to get lots of hits on the website, which will result in earning money from the posted ads.


answered 03 Feb '13, 19:14

redevil1987's gravatar image



they aren't waiting for enough money it takes long to test so you need patience and btw u heard that just cuz i0nc twitter was hacked

(03 Feb '13, 19:21) UNCONN3CT3D UNCONN3CT3D's gravatar image

There are a lot of easier ways to make money than what these guys are doing. They deserve every penny and none of the whining from the entitled who want everything instantly and for free.

(03 Feb '13, 19:27) Pepper ♦ Pepper's gravatar image

i never said they dont deserve it. I just said what was the main subject of todays speculations.

(03 Feb '13, 19:53) redevil1987 redevil1987's gravatar image

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