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I read on the early steps you should do before jailbreaking your device like backing up. But it also stated that you should not run itunes or Xcode.

Now i am not a developer but run a lot of developer tools and some need xcode now in not sure what is running and what is not in the background.

So how do i kill xcode all at once so im sure its not running in some corner of my computer.

asked 03 Feb '13, 16:11

mvaneijgen's gravatar image


In most cases with Xcode and iTunes once it's shut its shut (other than helper tools which aren't a problem) other than that you sound like you're on a Mac, the steps to make sure Xcode and iTunes aren't running at all are..

  1. Applications Folder
  2. Utilities Folder
  3. Activity Monitor
  4. Above "Show" select All Processes
  5. Search Xcode
  6. If nothing comes up continue if not Quit the processe(s)
  7. Search iTunes
  8. Quit every process other than "iTunes Helper"

Another way of making sure nothings running is to have the Evasi0n tool the only application running. (So no Safari, Mail, Other Development programs)


answered 03 Feb '13, 16:18

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I thought so but good to hear it form someone else to.


answered 03 Feb '13, 16:21

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