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It appears that backgrounder does not work for ios 6.1. Does anyone know how to make it work or is there a similar app which can be used instead?


asked 03 Feb '13, 10:41

TonyW's gravatar image


And would they actually do it?

It seems a lot of people want it or miss it so why hasn't someone updated it by now?


answered 06 Feb '13, 15:36

TonyW's gravatar image


Do a google search on "Backgrounder app alteranative". Maybe the devs will update the app to work with 6.1 in the future.


answered 03 Feb '13, 10:44

Kriggo15's gravatar image


I have also same issue and i want backgrounder badly for my 3gs on 6.1.....but i could not find any alternative on google.


answered 06 Feb '13, 14:18

Kamran377's gravatar image


you might know backgrounder's author stopped updating it since the times of iOS 4 and made the project opensource. So, you can ask any dev to update it :)


answered 06 Feb '13, 15:19

ml05019's gravatar image


Yes I think it still doesn't work cause right after I installed.. it put my phone4 iOS 6.1 on "safe mode" and keeps on asking me to re-spring and nothing happens.. after I removed the backgrounder everything went back to normal..


answered 09 Feb '13, 10:06

jitukali's gravatar image


Yeah this has been a issue, like I hate when people create multitasking apps, and don't know the real meaning of the turn multitasking. Windows has multitasking, where what ever program u open up in windows continuous to run, while u doing other things on the operating system.

As far as IOS goes, if aim playing a video and I click the home key I still want to hear the video in the background while iam browsing the web. All of these multitasking apps, like Auxo, and multifl0w, like these are not multitasking apps, there just apps like give u access to switching to other apps that's it.

The only true multitasking app is Qusar because it keeps the apps running in the background while u are doing other things, the way things should be


answered 27 Feb '13, 08:53

Dasin's gravatar image


The last version of iOS that Backgrounder supported was 5.0.1. If you want to background on iOS 6, I suggest InfinityTask.


answered 27 Feb '13, 12:54

compilingEntropy's gravatar image


Infinity task is not for multitasking, it's not real multitasking, at all, also when I go to the developers twiter he does not have it in English, so iam unable to see if he is going to update the app so that it works for IOS 6


answered 28 Feb '13, 16:35

Dasin's gravatar image


The demo video for infinity task shows an app rendering something in the background, that seems like backgrounding to me. You don't have to use it, but there's no alternative.

(28 Feb '13, 16:41) compilingEntropy compilingEntropy's gravatar image
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