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any chance of ios 6.1 jailbreak will release today? or will we have to wait few more days? :@

asked 03 Feb '13, 07:48

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closed 03 Feb '13, 08:19

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cybr1d ♦

The question has been closed for being "Solved" by cybr1d, 03 Feb '13, 08:14

Everything suggests the new jailbreak from evad3rs will be out later today! All we have to do is be patient, after all whats another few hours after witing this long? :)


answered 03 Feb '13, 08:07

icemanONfire's gravatar image


i can wait for few hours but i dont want to wait for further few days.:(

(03 Feb '13, 08:18) Aazim Aazim's gravatar image

There is no official ETA comming from evad3rs. BUT, they clearly stated that the jailbreak and the source code is completed for a few days now and the latest verbal update is that they are testing it with every possible combination (Various iOS on various iDevises from either windows, Mac & Linux). In my experience efficiency testing comes AFTER finishing any programing! So if you think about it, they have been cross testing iOS with iDevises since before their last update Quoting: "First major round of testing concluded successfully on Windows and Mac" that means that they are almost done with testing! So what's left? UPLOAD!! :) P.S Traditionally almost every Jailbreak comes out on Sundays!

(03 Feb '13, 08:57) icemanONfire icemanONfire's gravatar image

This afternoon would be perfect...I'm going on the road (no PC) for a week tomorrow :-(


answered 03 Feb '13, 08:13

Eight_Bit's gravatar image


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(03 Feb '13, 08:14) WalterWhite WalterWhite's gravatar image

They seem to have been set on today's release date for a while now. It seems they have everything all planned out. I would assume some sort of afternoon release, but thats speculation. Keep checking for the newest stuff. Can't wait!


answered 03 Feb '13, 08:09

skilledman101's gravatar image


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(03 Feb '13, 08:15) WalterWhite WalterWhite's gravatar image

It won't come out today since there doing multiple testing combinations. And due to the fact that there wasn't a official release date.


answered 03 Feb '13, 08:21

Andretti's gravatar image


That release date was set for today. Go check all the sites.

(03 Feb '13, 08:23) skilledman101 skilledman101's gravatar image

go check thier twitter updates if u find any official confirmation about sunday then tok to me.. it was only media who expected about this and made a gloom about a smaal tweet of SUPER SUNDAY :/

(03 Feb '13, 10:17) akshay akshay's gravatar image

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