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How do I change my password on my iPhone so that people can't hack it?

asked 16 Feb '11, 17:49

insecure's gravatar image


edited 16 Feb '11, 18:01

Endareth's gravatar image


There are two ways to change your password on an iOS device. Both require some software to be installed. Note that you'll actually be changing two passwords, both the standard user account (account name is mobile), and the administrator, or root account.

1. On the device

  • Install a working copy of MobileTerminal. This can be tricky, as it doesn't have an official repo, so various repos have several different versions. Build 472 is supposed to work fine for 4.2.1, and can be installed through the following Cydia repo: 520-1 is also available off the official website ( if you know how to install packages on your own.
  • Run Terminal, this will bring up a black terminal window.

2. Via SSH

  • Install OpenSSH on your iOS device, and restart.
  • On a computer on the same network, start up an SSH client (putty, ssh, WinSSH, or whatever).
  • Connect to your iPhone (check SBSettings for the IP address).
  • User is mobile, password is alpine

Ok, last bit is the same for both. Enter the following commands:


Enter alpine as the password

passwd mobile

Enter your new user password twice. Usual password rules, complex but memorable!


Enter your new root password twice. You might want to have this written down somewhere safe!

That's it, all done!


answered 16 Feb '11, 17:51

Endareth's gravatar image


Thanks, was able to SSH in and that worked great!

(21 Feb '11, 19:58) insecure insecure's gravatar image

As an alternative, you could install the SOS iPhone repo in the "More Sources" section on the Cydia homepage, and there is a working version on that repo.


answered 21 Feb '11, 22:49

bmac%2039's gravatar image

bmac 39

Which version have they got? Unfortunately none of the repos I've seen with MobileTerminal seem to keep completely up to date :(

(03 Mar '11, 18:24) Endareth Endareth's gravatar image

Just a reminder to everyone who's updated to 4.3.1 and re-jailbroken: Your password is back to alpine again... ;)


answered 07 Apr '11, 19:36

Endareth's gravatar image



And, the version of mobileterminal on the ijailbreak repo is the latest as of right now.

(07 Apr '11, 19:59) Pepper ♦ Pepper's gravatar image

And try to do this before installing OpenSSH :D

(07 Apr '11, 20:05) Endareth Endareth's gravatar image

OK, I spoke too soon. The version on ijailbreak is broken, once installed Cydia will want to upgrade it constantly.

I put a fixed copy on my repo.

(07 Apr '11, 22:08) Pepper ♦ Pepper's gravatar image

Is it the same package? I used the one on ijailbreak and then just removed the repo to stop the update notification cycle, there wasn't anything else useful on it anyway.

(07 Apr '11, 22:11) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

yeah, exactly the same. I just fixed the problem in the control file and did some other repo-specific stuff to it. I also grabbed that other one (the old, modified one) and put it up there too. I got both of them from the googlecode link above. BTW, building a repo is not nearly as difficult as I first imagined it would be, and I did all the linux command line stuff on the phone itself.

(07 Apr '11, 22:17) Pepper ♦ Pepper's gravatar image

Cool, I was just checking out your repo and saw that the version number is the same, so I figured it was just a repo issue. Good work!

(07 Apr '11, 22:21) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image
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