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I want to carrier unlock my phone, will the new jailbreak be able to do this?

asked 02 Feb '13, 09:15

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closed 03 Jul '13, 11:21

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The short answer is no.

You may be better off trying one of these IMEI unlock services, but even those mostly only work for AT&T locked phones. If yours is a barred (lost/stolen) handset, then it's pretty much just paperweight.


answered 02 Feb '13, 09:37

aalaap's gravatar image


You can factory unlock your iPhone, but some carriers like a Sprint and Verizon are too expensive for factory unlocking. Try to use Gevey Sim (latest gevey supports IOS 6.1).

Good Luck!


answered 02 Feb '13, 19:51

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alt text

Thanks for providing me with another site for our scam list!


answered 11 May '13, 03:23

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edited 03 Jul '13, 11:20

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Try to do what I say This worked on an iPhone 4s (iOS 5.1.1 9B206)

-Insert any SIM

-On activation screen, go to emergency call(home button)

-call the emergency number

-press home

-go back to call by tapping green ribbon

-end call

-Quickly open settings

-Tap carrier

-Turn Automatic selection off and choose carrier

connect to a Wi-Fi network and finish activation

Don't connect to PC(itunes) before finishing activation


answered 02 Feb '13, 09:33

Krrishna's gravatar image


when i call the number and then try to press the home button it doesn't work! what should i do?

(02 Feb '13, 09:41) mesquita6 mesquita6's gravatar image

The exploit is famous on youtube Search for iPhone activation screen bypass

(02 Feb '13, 20:24) Krrishna Krrishna's gravatar image

Please don't recommend that method here. It's illegal and unethical to call emergency numbers for non-emergency purposes, even if you disconnect the call immediately.

(02 Feb '13, 22:03) britta britta's gravatar image

I agree But the call never got connected for me. And I donot think anyone can be that slow

(02 Feb '13, 23:38) Krrishna Krrishna's gravatar image

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