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I have an iPhone 4g and a while back, an ex of mine put redsn0w on there and everything and told me NOTHING about it at all. Time went by and we split up. I tried updating to iOS 6.0.1 today and my phone immediately went into an endless start-up cycle, turning on and shutting of, repeat, repeat, repeat. Finally, I got it to go into recovery mode and tried to do a factory restore and then update and it came back with error 3014. I've been around and around and around this carousel of "try this this and this.".

  1. I've tried editing the host file - didn't help.

  2. Hard reset (obviously) didn't help.

  3. uninstalling and re-installing itunes changed nothing.

  4. restarting my laptop didn't work.

  5. using different computers and usb ports didn't work.

  6. I downloaded redsn0w onto my laptop and tried getting it to go into pwned dnu mode (or whatever it's called) which didn't work because it's in recovery mode and came back saying I must have messed up somehow

Is my phone just totally screwed?

what do you see when you click this link..

(01 Feb '13, 16:34) WalterWhite WalterWhite's gravatar image

Three boxes. One says Apple, the second says Apache Web Server, the third says Technical Problems and they all have short lists under them. The text above it says " This page is just a placeholder. To publish your site, place your HTML and image files in the data directory. Be sure to name your main page "index.html" and it will become the default page for visitors." And below the boxes is the copyright.

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You have to update to iOS 6.1, not 6.0.1. The update window has closed for 6.0.1. Error 3014 means you did the host file wrong or it couldn't connect to the them. It means that you are restoring to a old firmware that you can't restore to. Here is a list you need to do. You may have bricked your phone by putting it to pwned DFU mode, but still try.

  1. Get TinyUmbrella and save it.
  2. Open and check change host file.
  3. Close and reopen and uncheck it, since you have changed the host file beforehand.
  4. Close out TinyUmbrella
  5. Download your firmware (Has to be 6.1 and your specific phone) here and save it to desktop.
  6. Plug your phone in and it should pop up saying that you are in recovery mode.
  7. Shift-click the restore button (PC, not sure about Mac) and double-click your firmware.
  8. Wait.
  9. Repeat step 6-8 if doesn't work.
  10. If doesn't work after a few tries, comment back.

Edit 1:(Corrected error reasoning.)


answered 01 Feb '13, 20:22

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If it's an iPhone you need to update to ios 7.1.1 not ios 6. Just enter dfu mode Google how to and hit the restore button or just hit restore no need for dfu since its in recovery and no need for tiny umbrella it's useless and you didn't brick your phone like @Zhuncn can't even brick androids anymore.

(09 Jun '14, 00:43) FriedChicken FriedChicken's gravatar image

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