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for the longest time ive been able to add any custom logos to the unknown.bundle and then use makeitmine to change them ... i know on 4.2.1 they broke makeitmine and the only way to change them are to go into your carrier manually and replace files....

My issue: Fido canada doesnt use its own [Default_CARRIER_fido.png] and [FSO_CARRIER_fido.png] images in Fido_ca.bundle for some reason it has always just put in "TEXT" ..."Fido" as my carrier ... think it has something to do with the fact fido piggy backs on Rogers Wireless/ROGERS towers IDK and thats why i am here lol

any one have any idea how i can get a custom logo image back up there ?

asked 16 Feb '11, 12:28

SkOODaT's gravatar image


UPDATE: so i took my modified [Default_CARRIER_fido.png] and [FSO_CARRIER_fido.png] renamed them to [Default_CARRIER_ROGERS.png] and [FSO_CARRIER_ROGERS.png] installed fakecarrier from cydia and put logo to ROGERS and it changed

Still Like To Figure This Completely Out Tho arrrrrgggg! lol

(16 Feb '11, 13:03) SkOODaT SkOODaT's gravatar image

So ive figured out that no matter what else i set it to in fakecarrier it wont change it to a png file other then rogers, ROGERS, Rogers Wireless that combo, make me beleve that the iphone or rogers network is tricking the iphone into displaying Fido when infact its actually comming in as rogers, ROGERS, Rogers Wireles ......... the trubbleshooting conts lol

(16 Feb '11, 15:35) SkOODaT SkOODaT's gravatar image

is thier ANYWAY to see the raw name comming from the towers etc...

(16 Feb '11, 15:36) SkOODaT SkOODaT's gravatar image

So ive figured this out for all who has Fido in Canada.....

This Will Work On All ISO Versions

Go Into Rogers_ca.bundle and edit carrier.plist add this into list


Then get your custom logo and rename the 2 files to


copy and replace the 2 existing one there

the reason why its only printing the "TEXT" is because as far as iphone is concerned Fido is Rogers but its Pulling Fidos setting from the Fido_ca.bundle and the *.png images and name from Rogers_ca.bundle, guessing this is quirk of both being same network... this workaround allows the custom logo to show but only downside is Rogers/Rogers Wireless will never but again same network so ........should always say Fido anyway if your a Fido customer even if you do go on rogers....other then that if you ever leave Fido/ go to Rogers may want to revert this back to say rogers instead :)


answered 16 Feb '11, 16:56

SkOODaT's gravatar image


edited 16 Feb '11, 16:58

seems like this is just a temp fix so this has yet to be fully solved, eveytime i reboot the logo goes back to just the fido text again, only this to do is removed modification and restart and readd it back in and respring and it shows untill reboot..... im lost tho no idea how to get this working as it should, begining to think that maby it just doesnt correctly with fido....

(17 Feb '11, 10:12) SkOODaT SkOODaT's gravatar image

With the Cydia Update 1.1 this fix doesn't seem to work anymore. Damned I just find it 3days ago T_T"'

(26 Mar '11, 13:22) diamondtoy diamondtoy's gravatar image
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Asked: 16 Feb '11, 12:28

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