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Hey All, Im sure you've heard this one before..

Ok so I purchased a phone thru ebay £350 1 day old.. White 16gb Iphone 5 in box . Very nice. Its currently locked to T Mobile or Orange Sims thru EE. I'm still contracted to 02 for the next 3 months

Ive spent countless hours on the phone with those that tend to pinch their noses when they speak. T Mobiles Overseas( HELP????) Line. 150

I'm told that From the date of sim activation (10th Jan 2013) i wait 3 months (11th April 2013) I can the apply to have the phone unlocked by calling 150 at T Mobile at a cost of £15.32. This is also as long as the phone has been used to make at least one call or text in those 3 months. I can then APPLY for the unlocking, which takes a further 20 days. Ok so Im currently in the UK but come the end of April i will be overseas in Australia. T mobile tell me that they can still unlock wherever I am in the World.

As i said Ive spent many hours on the Phone to T MOBILE and tend to get a different story each time, so don't know what to believe.

OK so , once 6.1 Jailbreak becomes available. Will this unlock the phone to use another Network SIm? IN doing so will this affect the T MOBILE unlock come the time they decide to perform the unlock? Remembering I'm in another country and probably not in range of the T Mobile networks.. ROAMING fees are a bitch..

So If you can shed some light on this for me, I'd greatly appreciate it. If its good advice I'll gladly polish your Vans, 6.0 or other.

If you are attempting to sell me an UNLOCK code that simply doesn't exist or isn't available yet. Exit stage left now please.

Been scammed on that one already... TO the rest with knowledge. I thank you for making this available. Cheers JR

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asked 31 Jan '13, 00:41

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We require all postings to have a clear, specific QUESTION in the title field, @JIMMY RECARD. Please edit this right away to rephrase the title as a proper question.

(31 Jan '13, 00:42) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

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Jailbreak does not mean unlock. No software will unlock an iPhone 5. The latest software unlock is for the iPhone 4, on the baseband 1.59, circa July 2010. In short, pigs will become aviators before you have a free unlock solution.


answered 31 Jan '13, 00:43

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spockers ♦♦

edited 31 Jan '13, 00:44

The upcoming jailbreak is only a jailbreak. It won't be able to unlock it for other sims.

You can purchase and IMEI unlock from reputable vendors, but i would just wait and have Tmobile do it later. (it will be cheaper)

There are no tools, and no plans for unofficial unlocks (hacks) for unlocking the iphone 5


answered 31 Jan '13, 00:46

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cybr1d ♦

Thank you to spockers and Curly420 for clarifying.... I guess it was sensible to buy unlocked in the first place. Cutting corners always seems to end up more expensive. Thanks again


answered 31 Jan '13, 00:51

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