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so my ipod stucked on the apple logo thing for a day (because i uninstall siriport, which is a HUGE mistake)so i somehow made it enter recovery mode (ios6)but when i try to downgrade it i always had 1600. i searched online and people said tu no longer works with ios5+ and i switched to redsnow. i tried the recovery on extra->even more, but it said "Couldn't upload iBSS" then i stitched the blob on my ipsw but i got 3194

what should i do?

asked 29 Jan '13, 19:26

jocelynsun545's gravatar image


piracy is always a mistake..

(29 Jan '13, 19:51) WalterWhite WalterWhite's gravatar image

So is stucked. :D

(29 Jan '13, 19:53) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image
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Asked: 29 Jan '13, 19:26

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