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As shown here(, my iPod's in a boot loop. After trying various things for an hour(by the way, thanks for trying to help, spockers/marvin), I finally decided to give up trying to recover my notes and just get my iPod working again. I tried just clicking Restore in iTunes, but iTunes cannot connect to the software update server. Then, I tried restoring to a signed .ipsw file for iOS 5.1.1, figuring if this worked, I could then update through OTA. However, iTunes gave me error 1602. So, how do I get my iPod working again?

asked 29 Jan '13, 12:05

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edited 29 Jan '13, 12:06

Close this question. After using redsn0w's Recovery Fix, my device booted up and is working normally, with no data lost!!!


answered 29 Jan '13, 14:04

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Glad to hear you finally got it working, and that you didn't loose your story. :)

(29 Jan '13, 14:25) compilingEntropy compilingEntropy's gravatar image

I retrieved the notes.sqlite file from my iPod through WinSCP. But now, I don't know how to read it. Opening it in Notepad gives binary gibberish mixed with fragments of my notes and what looks like HTML. What program do I use to read this file?

(29 Jan '13, 14:50) NealCruco NealCruco's gravatar image

You need to copy the sqlite file back to the original location on the iPod, over-writing any file that's present. You then read it as you did before, with on the iPod.

(29 Jan '13, 17:37) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Put your device in DFU mode, then run the tool 'iReb' from Once you're in pwned DFU mode, then you can go to itunes and restore to your signed 5.1.1 ipsw. If you don't care about being on 5.1.1, just put your device in DFU mode and hit 'restore' in itunes. You'll be on the latest, 6.1, which we're expecting a jailbreak for pretty soon here. OTA updates are not recommended because the ramdisk is different and you might have difficulty jailbreaking if you use them for updating.


answered 29 Jan '13, 12:20

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I did that- put it in DFU mode, then used redsn0w to put it in pwned DFU mode. Then I tried iTunes.

(29 Jan '13, 12:28) NealCruco NealCruco's gravatar image

Try this, go to in your browser. If you get something besides an apple, you'll need to edit your hosts file so that it will allow you to connect to Are you on a pc or mac?

(29 Jan '13, 12:57) compilingEntropy compilingEntropy's gravatar image

On a PC; Windows 7. I get a placeholder page when I go to

(29 Jan '13, 13:11) NealCruco NealCruco's gravatar image

What firmware would you like to be on?

If you want 5.1.1: 1. Stitch your blobs to your 5.1.1 ipsw using sn0wbreeze from 2. Put your device in pwned dfu using ireb from 3. Shift-click restore your device in itunes, selecting your custom ipsw.

If you want 6.1: 1. Put your device into regular DFU mode. 2. restore your device using itunes.

If you have any questions about the above steps please ask. If you get on IRC like yesterday it will be easier for me to help you.

(29 Jan '13, 14:03) compilingEntropy compilingEntropy's gravatar image
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