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So, I am running a jailbroken (Spirit) iPad, and am yet to upgrade to iOS4 because I don't want to lose my jailbreak and don't want to screw it up. Is there somewhere that basically houses a 'jailbreaking for dummies' type set of answers? A lot of terms I read go over my head, like 'baseband' or SHSH blobs. Would love to know what all that means.

asked 16 Feb '11, 05:11

ajanjig's gravatar image


Basebands are for iPhones and 3G + Wifi iPads, so ulness you have any of these you wouldn't need to worry at all about a baseband. Basebands are for Devices that get 3G internet. | SHSH blobs are things that alow you to restore to the firmware you saved them on (Downgrade), you can only downgrade your device if you have the SHSH for that firmware... To save your SHSH blobs you can do two things. One is download what is called " The Firmware Umbrella " this will allow you to connect your device to the computer and manually save your SHSH, They wont be actual files on your computer, but they are stored in Cydia's servers. Another way to save your SHSH is from Cydia. When you open cydia (Most likley for the first time) you will see something like thisalt text if you click "Make My Life Easier" then Cydia will automatically save the SHSH for every firmware beyond that point. (Even if you dont upgrade to it). Now after a while apple will stop signing firmware, so that means that you will not be able to collect your SHSH to ensure future jailbreak. | Greenpois0n Rc6 ( will allow you to jailbreak the latest version of iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch :)


answered 16 Feb '11, 10:16

Monroe's gravatar image


Greenpois0n RC6 will jailbreak your iPad with the newest firmware. And unless it's a 3G version, you shouldn't worry about the baseband.


answered 16 Feb '11, 08:09

lolwut's gravatar image


Baseband is for people that want to unlock their iPhone (since iPads don't need to be unlocked this doesn't matter for you). Saveing your shsh is nice because if you accidently update it, you can restore it to an old version. It's pretty much like a backup. If you've pressed "make my life easier" in Cydia it should automatically save these for you. What you should do now, is update it via iTunes. Jailbreak it with Greenpois0n and then everything should fine. Don't forget to write down your Cydia apps because these will be gone after the jailbreak (your cracked apps will remain on your iPad).


answered 16 Feb '11, 09:53

Julio's gravatar image


My iPad is a 3g, so should I avoid greenpois0n? Or will it be okay?

(21 Feb '11, 04:46) ajanjig ajanjig's gravatar image

Greenpois0n will be ok for your 3G ipad, just update it to 4.2.1 beforehand, don't concern yourself with baseband issues on an ipad as they are all unlocked by default.

(21 Feb '11, 04:50) venusanann venusanann's gravatar image

thanks so much! Really appreciate all the help. I'm sure I'll have many more questions after this; that I know. Ive heard that Greenpois0n takes a while to work, how long is a while?

(21 Feb '11, 05:10) ajanjig ajanjig's gravatar image

GP doesn't take long to work, in fact it's quite quick, jailbroke both my ipads (wifi only, not that it matters) in a matter of minutes, without issue.

(21 Feb '11, 05:49) venusanann venusanann's gravatar image

Check this for all iPhone jailbreak information, Geohot has actually started a Wiki long time back that holds alot of information and is updated regularly:


answered 21 Feb '11, 06:44

knightz4u's gravatar image


edited 21 Feb '11, 08:14

if I screw up GP after updating, i can go back to my earlier iOS right? how do i do that properly?

(21 Feb '11, 06:48) ajanjig ajanjig's gravatar image

You can go back to original iOS by using itunes and hitting the restore button, if you already have the latest 4.2.1 firmware you can hold the SHIFT key and hit RESTORE to select the firmware that you already have.

(21 Feb '11, 06:56) knightz4u knightz4u's gravatar image

@knightz4u - that wiki has been there for a long time and started by Geohot I believe.

@ajanjig - it will be probable that to downgrade your ipad to an earlier firmware you will need shsh's, but really you should have no problem jailbreaking on 4.2.1, and staying back on 3.x.x is just pointless.

(21 Feb '11, 07:11) venusanann venusanann's gravatar image

You are correct, the wiki was and is still owned by Geohot.

Anyways, the wiki is regularly maintained, at the bottom of each page you will see the last edit date and the wiki in general has some up to date information such as greenpois0n and sn0wbreeze 2.2 (released a few days ago), so i still regard it as valuable and up to date.

(21 Feb '11, 08:13) knightz4u knightz4u's gravatar image

I'm not disputing it's value, for me it's second to none and I also recommend it to everyone, best place for stock firmware downloads as far as I'm concerned, I was just a bit confused as I thought you said someone else had just started it.

(21 Feb '11, 08:28) venusanann venusanann's gravatar image

ok so i followed the GP instructions and it says Jailbreaking.... but there is NOTHING happening on the ipad; it's just off. is this normal?

(21 Feb '11, 08:56) ajanjig ajanjig's gravatar image

@ajanjig what I get from your post is that your are not at 4.2.1, you need to know that greenpois0n will only work with iDevices that are already at 4.2.1 firmware version.

(21 Feb '11, 11:05) knightz4u knightz4u's gravatar image
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