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Hi to everyone. I have an iPhone 3GS. Latest redsn0w (as of 20130128) detects it as old BR in normal mode and as New BR in pwned DFU mode. I cannot get the iBoot number in WinXP device configuration... iDetector can't detect my iPhone in DFU mode... What can I do to know my bootrom version? Has anyone had the same problem??


I've had the same problem, once you put your old bootrom 3GS into pwned DFU, redsn0w incorrectly identifies it as a new bootrom device. The best way to be sure what bootrom you have is to use iDetector.


answered 28 Jan '13, 17:37

compilingEntropy's gravatar image


Thanks, - redsn0w 0.9.15b3 detects it as an iPhone 3GS (dfu mode, old BR) and if I try to identify redsn0w crashes. - iDetector (within sn0wbreeze v.2.9.7) tells me "Unknown device" - iDetector 1.0.1 (standalone) tells me "No device detected" - WinXP->device manager->properties->Details->Periferal Instance ID tells me USBVID_05AC&PID_12275&1DA8201E&0&1 (so no trace of [iBootxxx.xx] I'm a bit puzzled...

(28 Jan '13, 18:02) Johnny Bravo Johnny%20Bravo's gravatar image

while redsn0w recognized it being in dfu mode, I unplugged my iPhone from my windows pc and plugged it into my wife's mac (while in dfu mode). In "System profiler"->"Hardware"->"usb"->"Apple Mobile Device (DFU Mode)" I could at last see that the serial number ends with: [iBoot-359.3]. It was a bit annoying not to be able with a PC, but now I definitely know that it is an old BootRom iPhone 3GS

(28 Jan '13, 18:09) Johnny Bravo Johnny%20Bravo's gravatar image

Glad you got that figured out, sometimes the driver detection isn't quite right in windowsXP. I'd suggest borrowing a mac or a windows7 pc next time, but it looks like you got that figured out on your own.

(29 Jan '13, 13:03) compilingEntropy compilingEntropy's gravatar image

I think it is an old boot rom


answered 28 Jan '13, 19:09

Answers%20to%20iPhones's gravatar image

Answers to iPhones

Hey Answers to iPhones, it's great that you're enthusiastic about participating here, but it's not helpful to post answers that don't add any information to the discussion. Johnny Bravo just said above "I definitely know that it is an old BootRom iPhone 3GS", so there's no need for additional confirmation of that.

You have a pattern of adding this type of answer, and the rest of us are a bit puzzled (or possibly even a bit frustrated) by it. Can you try to answer more carefully?

(28 Jan '13, 19:22) britta britta's gravatar image
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