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I have a handed-down Iphone 3GS from my son. He was using it under Rogers. I had it jailbroken and unlocked ($35 !). I'm using it under Fido. IOS Version 4.1 (8B117). Carrier Fido 8.0 Model MB048LL Serial Number: 11 numbers, starts with 5K mixture of letters and numbers at end. The numbers in green at the top of the Cydia screen are : IOS 4.1, 4.2.1

I'd like to upgrade it to 4.3 as that is what a lot of the Apps I want (that cost) say they need as a minimum.

Is it possible to upgrade "my" IPhone 3GS from IOS4.1 to IOS4.3 ?


asked 21 Jan '13, 18:12

math2468's gravatar image



You can only restore to versions you have shsh saved plus the latest. Modem firmware? You can jailbreak and unlock untethered if you have old bootrom 3gs. To identify if your 3Gs is old or new bootrom. Using latest redsn0w, go to extras/even more/identify. Place device in DFU mode. Check bootrom, if 359.3 = old, if 359.3.2 = new. Press power+home, release both on apple to kick out of DFU mode.

(21 Jan '13, 19:05) justinred ♦ justinred's gravatar image

Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, I've now got a worse problem ! In messing about and trying to do some of the things suggested on this website, I pressed Power switch on and Home button at the same time (releasing after 12 seconds). Now it won't go on at all !

I do have two files saved:

142742574542-iphone1,2-4.1.shsh and 142742574542-iphone1,2-4.2.1.shsh

What can I do now ! (I regret not phoning Rogers initially and asking them to unlock it, I'm sure they would have done since Fido is a subsidiary company. Is it too late to do that now ?)

Thanks for any help.

(21 Jan '13, 19:35) math2468 math2468's gravatar image

iOS 4.3 is not new enough to be of any practical improvement over 4.1. For practical purposes the iPhone 3GS should be used at 5.1.1 (jailbroken if required for software unlocking) or 6.0.1, with original carrier or factory unlocked.

While you can still restore and jailbreak at 4.1 and 4.2.1 both iOS versions are considered obsolete by both Apple and the jailbreak community and basically no longer supported by any apps.


answered 21 Jan '13, 19:35

JuergenWest's gravatar image

JuergenWest ♦

edited 21 Jan '13, 19:44

So, are you saying because I don't have the appropriate 5.1.1 coming up in green letters on Cydia on the IPhone I'm stuck with 4.1 ? Can't I get them some other way ? This seems a bit limiting !!

(21 Jan '13, 22:08) math2468 math2468's gravatar image

You could also use 6.0.1, which sounds like your best option all things considered. Use with original carrier, or have the original owner contact original carrier to unlock it for you, which they will do as the phone is now out of contract. Best wishes and good luck!

(22 Jan '13, 05:28) JuergenWest ♦ JuergenWest's gravatar image
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