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I am asking this because according to Cydia i only have blobs for 4.1 (my actual ios i had to downgrade to from ios 6 in order to jb) and 6.0.1. But my device was previously jailbroken in August last year, and it was running on some 5.x ios. I didn't safe the blobs at that time manually with Cydia 'cause i didn't even know what blobs were and is a mystery why Cydia didn't save them automatically for me. I was wondering if itunes saved them somewhere in the hard disk on my pc?? In that case maybe i can extract them from there?? thanks guys!

BTW is a 3gs new bootrom :(

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asked 21 Jan '13, 07:49

toa844's gravatar image


No itunes does not save shsh blobs. Cydia servers nowadays auto saves shsh blobs that is currently being signed by apple servers (usually the latest) everytime you open cydia. 4.1 is a fluke because it was left open by apple for signing on 3gs and older devices. You must be mistaken on August 2012 date since 5.1.1 was the current version then.


answered 21 Jan '13, 08:15

justinred's gravatar image

justinred ♦

well justinred, it was JUly last year, just checked my receipt and it was running perfectly until the release of the iphone 5 when i stupidly updated following the freaking itunes prompt without knowing. So it was jailbroken for at least two months on 5.1.1. So how come cydia didn't save them. I remember opening Cydia a couple of times to see what it was but DID NOT save them by myself manually, that i now... So they are gone?? Is it possible i have them partially saved somewhere??

(21 Jan '13, 08:37) toa844 toa844's gravatar image

If you don't see it on top part of cydia home page in green letters, you don't have it in cydia servers.

(21 Jan '13, 08:46) justinred ♦ justinred's gravatar image

nope, they are not! anywhere else they could be or could be retrieved from?

(21 Jan '13, 09:01) toa844 toa844's gravatar image

No. None for you. You could have pulled partial 5.1.1 blobs if your device is iP4 or older and if you were on 5.1.1.

(21 Jan '13, 09:10) justinred ♦ justinred's gravatar image

I see...thanks Justinred! Guess i'll need to be stuck on 4.1 for awhile. Not so annoying except for the fact that i lost my whatsapp last week when they updated their version to 2.8.7, which now tells me it needs ios 4.3 or newer...

(21 Jan '13, 09:25) toa844 toa844's gravatar image

freaking apple brains! making it so difficult for us, sensitive, honest hard working people who just want some freedom in our little devices :))

(21 Jan '13, 09:40) toa844 toa844's gravatar image
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