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Hi Guys,

Being a human male, I consider asking for help a sign of weakness. However I have has such a saga with my iphone that I have no where else to turn. I had a jailbroken iphone 3GS, however a while back I accidentally (don't ask) updated the firmware via itunes to 6.0.1 thereby rendering the iphone unjailbreaked (rejailed?) again.

My baseband is 6.15.00 and as I said I'm now on 6.0.1 firmware, I have followed numerous online tutorials and have the latest version (0.9.15b3) of redsn0w installed on my MAC. I am well versed in putting the phone into DRS etc etc - I just need to know what I'm doing wrong in terms of redsnow and .ipsw files. My attempts so far have now put the phone into activation mode (as if it were fresh out of the box, etc etc) so I'm back at square one.

My latest plan was the following, I downloaded the 6.0.1 firmware file (iPhone2,1_6.0.1_10A523_Restore (3).ipsw), manually selected it on redsnow, then attempted to jailbreak - however redsnow threw the following right back at me:

Missing Keys. plist data for this build: Device: iPhone 3GS ECID:4240308385231 Build: iPhone2,1_6.0.1_10A523

What I'm attempting to do is jailbreak the phone (obviously) and revert back to 5.1.1 firmware as I believe this is the latest firmware that can be untethered(?). I then need to unblock the iphone so I can use my Three (uk provider) simcard.

Below is the report that redsn0w throws up when I 'identify' the device via redsnow.

Any help at all would be much appreciated,

Thank you for your time

A distressed man.

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asked 16 Jan '13, 05:44

trivialrecruit's gravatar image


edited 16 Jan '13, 23:37

spockers's gravatar image

spockers ♦♦

downgrade that baseband to 05.13 ASAP !

(16 Jan '13, 05:57) WalterWhite WalterWhite's gravatar image

ignore - now jailbroken (i think i had the newer model) am I now good to unlock the sim?

(16 Jan '13, 07:09) trivialrecruit trivialrecruit's gravatar image

Sorry to keep banging on about this - but I cant see cydia anywhere. How do I go about unlocking the sim?

(16 Jan '13, 07:15) trivialrecruit trivialrecruit's gravatar image

did you jailbreak with redsnow by selecting ipsw 6.0 ?are you aware of how to downgrade baseband also?

(16 Jan '13, 10:44) robj1974 robj1974's gravatar image

From the how to jailbreak 6.0/6.0.1 link at the top of the page:

Click redsn0w's "Extras" menu, click "Select IPSW", and then select the iOS 6.0 IPSW (NOT 6.0.1) for your device (which will make redsn0w correctly jailbreak a device on 6.0 or 6.0.1). You can look for the IPSW file on your hard drive or download a copy of the right IPSW file for your device. If you get a "Missing keys.plist" error, it's because you selected the wrong IPSW.


answered 16 Jan '13, 05:51

kirb's gravatar image

kirb ♦

edited 16 Jan '13, 05:51

Thanks for this - I'm doing as you suggested but Im getting a "This device doesn't support untethered options"

I am screwed?

(16 Jan '13, 06:57) trivialrecruit trivialrecruit's gravatar image

Ok Jailbroken and I can see cydia - now how do I unblock for my sim?


answered 16 Jan '13, 07:55

trivialrecruit's gravatar image



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(16 Jan '13, 08:02) WalterWhite WalterWhite's gravatar image

1 Once booted again Enter DFU Mode again and hit " Jailbreak " and this time ONLY select " Install iPad BB "

De-select " Install Cydia "

Once redsn0w does it's thing and your phone reboots check your modem firmware, Should be 06.15 ( iPad bb )

2 Enter DFU Mode again and hit " Jailbreak " and this time ONLY select " downgrade iPad BB "

De-select " Install Cydia "

Once the phone reboots this time check the modem firmware, Should be 05.13. If not repeat step #2..

Once you have the 05.13 installed you can load cydia and install ultrasn0w to unlock the device.

Reboot the phone if needed.

(16 Jan '13, 08:05) WalterWhite WalterWhite's gravatar image

Thanks, when I 'reboot' as per the last line of your advice would that always be through redsnow?

(16 Jan '13, 08:40) trivialrecruit trivialrecruit's gravatar image

firmware is successfully at 05.13.04 - however sim still not showing....

(16 Jan '13, 08:47) trivialrecruit trivialrecruit's gravatar image

goto cydia click manage/sources then edit and add this then add source

then when its reloaded search for ultrasn0w and unltrasn)w fixer install both of those and you should be good to go if after this it doesnt work go into cydia and reinstall ultrasn0w that should fix you up

(16 Jan '13, 11:24) robj1974 robj1974's gravatar image

Guys - all sorted. Thank you so much for all your help - nearly gave up hope there for a second.

All the best.

(16 Jan '13, 14:09) trivialrecruit trivialrecruit's gravatar image

no worries mate glad you got sorted

(16 Jan '13, 14:57) robj1974 robj1974's gravatar image
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