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I was trying to re-restore my iPhone 4S from iOS 5.1.1 to 5.1.1 using the latest version of Redsnow, but I got an error stating that the re-restore has failed and now my iPhone is stuck in a recovery(?) loop. The iPhone shows me the Apple logo, then the loading bar that usually shows up when restoring, and then finally goes into the spinning circle thing. After the spinning circle, it does the same thing all over again, never ending the cycle. I would really appreciate any help I could get. I would love to stay on iOS 5 so I don't lose my jailbreak.

Thanks in advance.

Tried a hard reboot? Power+home, release both on apple.

(16 Jan '13, 01:35) justinred ♦ justinred's gravatar image

@justinred yes, I've done that. After the phone restarts it goes back to doing the same thing. Thanks though.

(16 Jan '13, 02:16) M_M M_M's gravatar image

I have gone crazy trying to solve this problem. I tried several ways including fix recovery or end recovery with redsn0w and tiny umbrella. My option should be used only if you have tried all these other options first including trying different ways to restore. Chances are you have already lost all of your data now and that you will need to jailbreak again. This is a ridiculously easy and random way to fix it

  1. Click on Finder so it is chosen in the top left corner. Click Go and choose Go to Folder.

  2. Type /etc/hosts anad press Go.

  3. Move the file hosts to the desktop then right click the file and press open with Text Edit. (Enter your password if asked through any step in this entire process)

  4. At the bottom of the page you will see these two lines

# #

On your last line you will see that it does not have a # sign in front of

Add the # sign and change the file and save it. It will ask if you want the remove the extension and choose yes.

  1. Move the hosts file back into the etc folder from which you moved it to the desktop to replace the file. If asked press Authenticate.

Now go and restore your phone!!!


answered 16 Jan '13, 04:40

ganjaXgage's gravatar image



Thank you so much!!!!! It worked flawlessly! You Are friggin AWESOME!

(16 Jan '13, 12:32) M_M M_M's gravatar image



answered 09 Feb '13, 08:23

goodlookinguy's gravatar image


Finder is on Mac. If you have Windows, go to C:/Windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts

(09 Feb '13, 09:19) ml05019 ml05019's gravatar image

sorry mate im a pain clicked system 32 what am i looking for now mate sorry bout this


answered 09 Feb '13, 09:28

goodlookinguy's gravatar image


let's go back to the other question you posted, do you mind?

(09 Feb '13, 09:35) ml05019 ml05019's gravatar image


so if you are in system 32, search for the folder drivers... then etc

then you see a file named hosts

Open it with editor and save. If you can't save it to that folder, then save to desktop. In this case it will be named hosts.txt. Rename it to hosts. if you don't see the .txt, then google how to show file extensions in windows. Then copy the file into the etc folder. If it asks you to overwrite the file, yes (make a backup of it first). If it does not ask you, then the files do not have an identical name.


answered 09 Feb '13, 09:36

cymod3's gravatar image


hii u really dont need to edit the hosts file. Use tiny Umbrella. it connects u directly to the cydia servers for restore. try fetting out of recovery mode with the help of iREB software. and then restore in the following manner prepare customised firmware start tiny umbrella ( enable the option of start TSS server) start itunes Shift+ Restore for restoring. sit back and relax let itunes do its work.


answered 09 Feb '13, 09:44

ag123's gravatar image


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