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hi,i have an ipod touch 2nd generation MB mobel... I jailbroke it and installed dreamboard..the problem is that I installed the Gyro HD theme,and by the way my ipod doesn't support it. I've already tried to connect it to iTunes and restore,tried to open cydia via my own device and I'm trying to open it via iFunbox to see if i'm able to delete the dreamb archives.. Please dudes help me,I haven't done any backup here and it's driving me crazy !!!

asked 08 Jan '13, 16:16

KillswitchSoul's gravatar image


Hi, I'm not a pro, but please try this:

Step 1 : Do a hard reset by holding Home button + power button and home button together until the screen becomes black

Step 2 : Press your power button to see the apple, then stay pressing the volume up button until you see your normal Lockscreen

Step 3 : Launch cydia, and uninstall Gyro theme and Dreamboard (if you won't use it anymore)

Step 4: Once out of cydia, Press your power button and shut off your phone.

Step 5 : Once the screen goes black, just start your iphone and enjoy it again :)

I hope this helped



answered 08 Jan '13, 17:06

Symphony's gravatar image


Thanks bro..i've already tried that..but the Gyro HD crashes when I try to access Cydia I'm trying to delete it using iFunbox now

(08 Jan '13, 17:14) KillswitchSoul KillswitchSoul's gravatar image

and by the way it's not working either..both ipod and ifunbox crashes when i'm trying to connect it

(08 Jan '13, 17:18) KillswitchSoul KillswitchSoul's gravatar image

DID IT i deleted it using iFunbox..but now the springboard is totally black :/ any suggestions ?

(08 Jan '13, 17:31) KillswitchSoul KillswitchSoul's gravatar image

Well, you've deleted, try again to acces springboad after disabeling mobilesubstrate (steps I give ya before), we will see if it works...

(08 Jan '13, 18:33) Symphony Symphony's gravatar image

Its working fine now..I deleted dreamboard and all came back to normal,thanks ps: I don't know how to delete this article,if anyone could do so for me...

(08 Jan '13, 19:52) KillswitchSoul KillswitchSoul's gravatar image

Ok, nice to see things back to normal :)

U can click on the thumb up of my answer to thank me if you want :)

PS: this article can be useful for people in the same case, i suggest not to delete it :)

C ya

(08 Jan '13, 23:14) Symphony Symphony's gravatar image

@KillswitchSoul The point of a QA site like this is not just to solve your problem, but also to provide an archive of answers for other people with similar problems in the future. Please don't delete the question.

(08 Jan '13, 23:20) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

If you removed the Dreamboard Files then you've pretty much screwed it up. So now when it turns on it tries to access those files which are no longer there. However, since you have a iPod 2G it's not a huge deal. Place your device in DFU Mode while connected to the computer. Open iTunes, iTunes should say your device is in Recovery Mode. Just click Restore. Your device should turn on afterwards.


answered 08 Jan '13, 18:40

reV17's gravatar image


edited 08 Jan '13, 18:40

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