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Hello, I would like to unlock the GSM part of a CDMA iPhone 4S from verizon or sprint permanently through an IMEI unlock service so I can use any sim card in it. Does such a service exist or how can I unlock the GSM part of the CDMA iPhone 4S without calling verizon or sprint? thanks

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asked 07 Jan '13, 03:34

einszweidrei's gravatar image


If the phone was originally purchased from Verizon or Sprint, the GSM portion can be unlocked to work with a carrier outside the US. It cannot be unlocked to work with a US GSM carrier. As far as I am aware, the only way to get this from of unlock is through Verizon or Sprint, whichever the phone was originally activated with.

As an aside, if you purchase a factory unlocked 4S from Apple, you can you it on any GSM carrier worldwide. From what I have read, however, it can't be activated on Verizon or Sprint.


answered 08 Jan '13, 12:58

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0x56 ♦

" the GSM portion can be unlocked to work with a carrier outside the US." ? How? I have the same problem and to use my iphone4s with GSM outside US the only way i found is a GPP works but seems to limit the battery to less than 24h...


answered 01 Feb '13, 06:03

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Asked: 07 Jan '13, 03:34

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