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I downloaded redsn0w 0.9.15b3 and extracted from the zip file. Now I installed redsn0w after extraction on my laptop,then I switched off my phone and connected it to the laptop and I clicked on Jailbreak (Jailbreak and Install Cydia and was prompted to press power button for two seconds,this follow by simultaneously presseing home button and power button and later released power button but still holding home button.Then I got a message SHL blobs on my laptop screen and I came back to Extra (Everything else) and clicked on Pwned DFU button),now I have unexpected failure right beneath this I have Error with SHSH blobs

and the bottom of redsn0w 0.9.15b3 box are two boxes 1.Autoboot this device when it connects in DFU mode 2. Do this for all limera1n devices.

After this I now went back and click on Pwned button ( Enter pwned DFU mode in preparation for restoring to a custom IPSW and right now I have connected : iPhone 3GS (Pwned DFU mode, new BR) on the Welcome to redsn0w 0.9.15b3

asked 04 Jan '13, 13:37

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can you make a question on what answers you need please. Thank you!

(04 Jan '13, 15:13) farahtwiggy ♦♦ farahtwiggy's gravatar image

SHSH blobs are for restoring an ios version that is not current. Current is 6.0.1. If you are trying to install 5.1.1 for example, you need shsh blobs for 5.1.1, and if you do not have shsh blobs, you cant go to 5.1.1

Jailbreaking does not use shsh blobs at all, its jailbreaking the ios version that is already on the device.

As @farahtwiggy said, you need to form a question. What you have written is a long rambling story about what you have done, and does not mention what you are actually trying to do (hence my vague answer)


answered 04 Jan '13, 15:43

theiphoneguy's gravatar image

theiphoneguy ♦

Many thanks for all your inputs so far. What I was trying to do was to jailbreak iPhone 3GS of version 6.0.1 and Modem Firmware of 05.16.07 with redsn0w and when I did not know how to put the phone in DFU mode and I got stuck. My question now are : Do I need to downgrade my OSi before jailbreaking How do I put the phone in DFU mode?


answered 04 Jan '13, 20:23

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ok, now we have something to work with. No you don't need to downgrade, but you will need ti 6.0 ipsw firmware, you can get it here if you don't already have it . Now you should have the lastest redsn0w and the 6.0 ipsw. Plug in your phone,open redsn0w, click on extras, choose select ipsw, the select the 6.0 ipsw. reds0w ill take it from there and guide you through! Let us know if you have any more problems! (it will also instruct you through dfu)


answered 04 Jan '13, 20:38

farahtwiggy's gravatar image

farahtwiggy ♦♦

Thanks Farahtwiggy, I have redsn0w 0.9.15b3 will this redsn0w work? If no,where can I get the latest version? Big challenge now is the firmware,the file size is to big to download.Are there ways it can be downloaded faster?


answered 04 Jan '13, 21:41

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That's the latest redsn0w. The ipsw comes straight from Apple, their servers are usually fast enough to download it within 5 minutes, assuming your internet connection is fast enough.

(04 Jan '13, 22:50) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Hi Guys, I have downloaded latest redsn0w and 6.0 ipsw firmware. Do I need to run redsn0w as an administrator? Or I can just run redsn0w like that? If I have to run as an administrator,what password do I need to use? Is there any default password? I just formatted my laptop and I did not use any password. My phone is iPhone 3GS ios 6.0.1 and modem firmware is 05.16.07


answered 09 Jan '13, 11:48

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