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For some reason, I can't download a non-corrupt IPSW file. I've tried using Firefox, Chrome and Jdownloader, even my laptop which has Chrome on it as well, then I compare the hash with the ones listed on the iPhone Wiki. Every time, it's a different hash. I tried using Redsn0w to stitch my SHSH blobs anyways, but it gives me "cannot close compressed file in IPSW."

For reference, the IPSW file I'm trying to download is this one:,1_5.1.1_9B206_Restore.ipsw

And the hash I'm comparing it with is from this page:

Is there any recommended browser/tool to download the IPSW, or is there an issue somewhere else?

asked 19 Nov '12, 23:35

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closed 10 Nov '13, 15:20

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spockers ♦♦


Something is way wrong with your Internet connection.

(19 Nov '12, 23:37) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Or you got a malicious AntiVirus...

(10 Nov '13, 08:29) eYe-I-aïe eYe-I-a%C3%AFe's gravatar image

Download with Chrome from iDownloadBlog

(10 Nov '13, 14:14) King Shoot King%20Shoot's gravatar image

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this happens with me too i have downloaded many 6.1.2 ipsw but always 3194 error


answered 10 Nov '13, 00:20

purvish's gravatar image


And you thought resurrecting a year-old thread to add your "me too" was a good idea. That's not even your problem anyway, check the faq for 3194.

(10 Nov '13, 15:20) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Apple shut down that link because you can't downgrade to 5.1.1 officially so they make it harder to downgrade unofficially.


answered 21 Nov '12, 11:09

theyodj445's gravatar image



That is false. Apple continues to host and allows downloads of old firmwares.

(21 Nov '12, 11:34) justinred ♦ justinred's gravatar image

@theyodj445 i like ice cream too :D

(10 Nov '13, 14:13) King Shoot King%20Shoot's gravatar image

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