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Everytime i start a gamecenter app the login screen says: " Sandbox " The gamecenter app wants to create a new account and the top screen says: "SANDBOX (1P42)"

How to fix this and login to the normal gamecenter servers?

asked 04 Feb '11, 17:40

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edited 04 Feb '11, 18:54

chpwn's gravatar image

chpwn ♦

By the way I'm on a 4S and it's not jailbroken and I get the sandbox error when login in to games.. what can I do ??

(16 Dec '11, 09:42) Nathan_infinity Nathan_infinity's gravatar image

Unfortunately an abusing user deleted most of answers for this question, but this is more or less what I'd answered previously:

The simplest fix that should work for many people is as follows:

  1. Close any Game Center enabled games
  2. Open up Game Center
  3. If you're logged in to a sandbox account, log out
  4. If not, create a dummy sandbox account, then log out once done
  5. Restart Game Center
  6. Try to log in using your real account, that may fix things
  7. If not, make sure you're logged out, then quit Game Center
  8. Start a Game Center enabled game, and try to log in your real account

Not that this is not a fix for all users, however retrying various of the above steps can eventually work..

There appears to be several causes for this, including installing certain Cydia tweaks (specifically all recent versions of AppSync), however removing the tweak after this problem starts doesn't seem to help. A restore seems to be needed in these cases.


answered 15 Feb '11, 16:56

Endareth's gravatar image


edited 15 Feb '11, 17:11

I did exactly what you said and it worked! Thanks!

(20 Feb '11, 14:36) Larry94 Larry94's gravatar image

Btw I'm on a 4S ( so no Jb) and I still get the Sandbox mode in game Center what should I do ??

(16 Dec '11, 09:45) Nathan_infinity Nathan_infinity's gravatar image

@Nathan_infinity, stop replying to 10-month old threads and take your non-jailbroken iPhone to an Apple store. This is a site about jailbreaking.

(16 Dec '11, 13:18) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Stop pirating apps.


answered 04 Feb '11, 18:46

chpwn's gravatar image

chpwn ♦

This issue has nothing to do with pirating apps.

(05 Feb '11, 09:26) Endareth Endareth's gravatar image

he's referring to the fact that AppSync seems to be the biggest cause of this issue, Endareth.

(05 Feb '11, 12:16) will will's gravatar image


If you do have AppSync however, appsync 1.1-5 fixes these errors. I don't use it, but I saw this on another forum. Anyway, I restored and rejailbroke and I am fine now.


answered 15 Feb '11, 17:14

trae329's gravatar image


Perhaps, but that gets into piracy-related areas, so is not supposed to be discussed on here.

(15 Feb '11, 17:20) Endareth Endareth's gravatar image

Here is a working summary of what fixed it for me:

  1. Uninstall AppSync
  2. Uninstall all the apps causing the problem (in my case legit/uncracked Angry Birds HD, Cut the Rope HD and World of Goo HD)
  3. Update AppSync to latest version (from
  4. Close all background running apps
  5. Reinstall apps removed at 2. from Apps Store
  6. Login to your real GameCenter account in the GameCenter standalone app (logout and relogin if it logs you in a SandBox account on first)
  7. Have fun ;P

answered 17 Feb '11, 01:01

franmon's gravatar image


You don't. Gamecenter usage by developers requires extra sauce in the provisioning process. As soon as you run an App with GC but without that provisioning, GC goes into "safe mode" aka Sandbox Mode. This applies to devs if they sign a GameCenter game with the wrong profile. Obviously cracked apps are subject to the same thing. TO EXIT THE SANDBOX: 1. Log out of GameCenter. 2. Log back in. You will be put back in sandbox mode as soon as you run a corrupt app again.


answered 04 Jan '12, 09:36

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edited 15 Apr '12, 00:39

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My ipod is not jailbroken, and yet it says my user is sandbox mode. When i try logging in it didnt work, i tried making a bogus account, then thats the only one it will log into and not any of the others.


answered 14 Apr '12, 21:50

Leafcake's gravatar image


Since your device isn't jailbroken, we'd recommend asking in a forum focused on normal iOS devices (non-jailbroken iOS devices), such as the official Apple support forums. They'll probably know more than we do about this particular kind of problem.

(15 Apr '12, 00:42) britta britta's gravatar image

my fix for this was VERY simple..... 1. i logged out of game centre. 2. Exitted ALL programs including gamecentre. 3. Started gamecentre and created a new account with an email that DOESNT belong to an itunes account 4. Deleted the app i had that wasnt owned originall by me(hacked app: mine was PLAGUE INC) 5. Exitted All programs again 6. started game center and logged out of the new account 7. Logged into my normal account.....(NO SANDBOX...YAY) 8. Played my normal games again 9. redownloaded Plague inc from itunes on my account....

This answer is marked "community wiki".

answered 23 Aug '12, 09:47

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