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script failed plugin video 1channel

asked 13 Nov '12, 02:13

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closed 09 May '15, 16:09

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Go to xbmc, then under the videos tab click on add-ons, the while highlighted on the 1channel add on press and hold the menu button on your atv control for 3 seconds and a mini menu should pop up. After that scroll to what should be the last option on the list which is Add-on settings and hit the enter button or the middle button which is grey. then where it says to enable metadata you'll want to click to unhighlight it afterwards all of your issues should fade away. Oh btw a good idea is to do a hard reset afterwards just in case to ensure its done, you don't have to but I recommend it


answered 13 Nov '12, 06:06

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You and @tbear33 have been asked twice whether you're the same person - see this question and this one - what's going on?

(13 Nov '12, 16:59) britta britta's gravatar image

unaccepted answer since it fits into their answering each others questions, voting up each other and accepting each others answers

A small portion of what we are referring to

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(13 Nov '12, 17:18) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

I'm sorry but wtf, are you really serious okay then no

(14 Nov '12, 17:34) tbear33 tbear33's gravatar image

It's not that weird of a question, we're just curious. You answer each other's questions more frequently than random people normally would, and both of you have a habit of omitting the period at the end of a sentence/paragraph. It's OK if you're the same person - we won't get angry, we'll just ask you to stick to using one account. :)

(14 Nov '12, 17:40) britta britta's gravatar image

I don't know about the other guy but I use my iPhone when replying here so it always leaves a period at the end.

(14 Nov '12, 18:41) tbear33 tbear33's gravatar image

I agree with the above answer. Meta data enabled can cause issues. Did you install XBMC through Nito, TV Flash, Fusion Installer, or ??? I personally use Fusion Installer for XBMX and my installed add on's and streams are awesome. I also have TV Flash but I don't install Media Player.


answered 16 Nov '12, 12:43

11dreamsbig's gravatar image



Thank you

(16 Nov '12, 21:31) tbear33 tbear33's gravatar image

I don't want to cause any more harsh criticism here but I just wanted to compliment you on how pretty I think you are

(16 Nov '12, 21:32) tbear33 tbear33's gravatar image

Oh and I installed XBMC Wizard it is a much more simplified method. Thanks for your help here:)

(16 Nov '12, 21:34) tbear33 tbear33's gravatar image

XBMC wizard edition is much more nicer in appearance than others I've seen also

(16 Nov '12, 21:35) tbear33 tbear33's gravatar image

Thank you for the compliment. :) And, for the info. I have 3 AT2's and I'm tempted to try Frodo beta 1 on one of them. I just peeked in at xbmc today it looks awesome. :)


answered 16 Nov '12, 22:12

11dreamsbig's gravatar image



Let me know how that works for you so I can make the jump if necessary :) Looks nice

(16 Nov '12, 22:25) tbear33 tbear33's gravatar image

Will do! :)

(16 Nov '12, 23:08) 11dreamsbig 11dreamsbig's gravatar image

To everybody having issues with the script error. Changing the metadata didn't work for me, until i rolled back the update for 1channel to version . Hopefully this helps anyone with the same problem.


answered 30 Jan '13, 00:22

Wmds's gravatar image


How do i roll back an update for 1channel iv got 1.0.1 and its not working any help cheers guys

This answer is marked "community wiki".

answered 06 Feb '13, 19:34

miked610's gravatar image


I am experiencing problems with tvalacarta, which is a Spanish TV/programs plugin. I don't get the Metadata option. How do I get it to work?


answered 28 Feb '13, 01:09

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El Psicologo Valiente

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