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My apple usb cable used to work perfectly but now it doesn't work at all. What could I do to fix this?

asked 04 Nov '12, 01:16

jadevi's gravatar image



Try another cable and or charging block.

(04 Nov '12, 01:18) JuergenWest ♦ JuergenWest's gravatar image

Isn't there someway I could manually fix the cable?

(04 Nov '12, 01:21) jadevi jadevi's gravatar image

it's not worth the time nor effort, just buy another one

(04 Nov '12, 01:43) JuergenWest ♦ JuergenWest's gravatar image

If you're sure that this is a problem with the cable (not your device), this isn't a jailbreaking question, so it might be better asked in a different forum. :)


answered 04 Nov '12, 01:54

britta's gravatar image


If your charging it VIA a USB Port on your computer or laptop, try a different port. Otherwise, just go out and buy a new one. Nowadays cheapy generics work just as well as the one that comes supplied to you, so thats the route I would go. Hope this helped!


answered 04 Nov '12, 01:57

swagmasterT's gravatar image


Getting a new USB cable worked! I had thought this was a problem with the device I was using, but turns out that the cable was a bit frayed :( So had to get a new one.


answered 08 Nov '12, 18:24

jadevi's gravatar image


Glad we could help!

(08 Nov '12, 18:38) swagmasterT swagmasterT's gravatar image

What you have to do man is turn off the iphone and turn it back on. Then restart computer. Plug the USB to the iphone first, then plug in to the computer. If the next day it gives you problems again, disconnect from computer only, and wait at least 10 seconds before pluging cable back into the computer. IT should work, another thing you can try is spray it with electrical spray cleaner, a light dash, and clean with soft bristle tooth brush, and quick air blow dry that puppy. try out remember to turn off and on again old technique!


answered 29 Aug '13, 01:55

rickgrindhouse's gravatar image


Thanks for your answer!

(31 Aug '13, 12:14) jadevi jadevi's gravatar image

like if your cable was worn out from edges. u can simply cut them from ends.and use some kind of blade to insert into the usb plug and the deck input plug and pull them out. watch the wires. and use solder to fix them up. mine was so so worse. but now its perfectly new! :)


answered 29 Aug '13, 04:27

marry4959's gravatar image


Sounds like a complex fix...but thank you for answering!

(31 Aug '13, 12:16) jadevi jadevi's gravatar image
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