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More of an advanced question but I'll give it a shot. I've been developing a mobilesubstrate plugin for some time now. Been testing it on my own and friends' devices for months and I've gotten it to be fully stable on 4.0 and newer. All of a sudden after using GP (installed on top of redsn0w tethered) every single app purchased from the app store crashes on launch. Built in apps and cydia apps do not crash. Are there any known sandbox bugs in GP I should know about? Anything else GP specific that could cause this? Who do I talk with about identifying this bug?

Just for kicks I have tried a few other things:
- restored in iTunes and JB with redsn0w tethered = no crashes
- restored in iTunes and JB with GP (no redsn0w first) = crashes

Looks like GP is causing the issue, I just have no idea why. Please help!

asked 04 Feb '11, 17:20

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edited 04 Feb '11, 18:57

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chpwn ♦

$ gdb
(gdb) attach -waitfor NameOfSomeAppStoreApp
(gdb) cont

see where the crash comes from. (Also, if you're not looking at the syslog, install the "syslogd" package and see what's printed to /var/log/syslog.)


answered 04 Feb '11, 17:23

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comex ♦

edited 04 Feb '11, 17:23

I'm getting "deny file-read-metadata" from cache files in /User/Library/Caches/mysubstrateplugincachedirectory from sandboxd I fixed the crash for now (but have no cache) however it looks like the actual issue lies in sandbox. Issue exists with GP and not with RS

(04 Feb '11, 17:41) smitty078 smitty078's gravatar image

I don't remember which version does what, but I think it may have worked only because the jailbreak broke the sandbox entirely. This is not a good idea, because sandboxing can be an effective security measure; on the other hand, the current alternative is a hack which is hardcoded to whitelist stuff outside of /var or inside /var/mobile/Library/Preferences (for MobileSubstrate tweaks). I hadn't thought of Cache when I wrote it.

Unfortunately, I have to recommend that you stick your cache in Library/Caches/, which should be allowed by the sandbox.

(04 Feb '11, 17:48) comex ♦ comex's gravatar image

Thanks, that works (although not necessarily pretty but I understand why).

(04 Feb '11, 18:19) smitty078 smitty078's gravatar image
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