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I really enjoy MusicBox, but I did an update and now can't use it.

Is there away to install an older version of MusicBox from a old ZIpped file or folder and then put it onto my iPhone using SSH. Does anyone know where I can get and older version of MusicBox... An older repository or something.

Would really appreciate the help.

Thanks, Bmcc81

asked 12 Oct '12, 10:56

bmcc81's gravatar image


edited 12 Oct '12, 10:57

If you have an older version in your computer's iTunes, delete the one in you phone and sync.


answered 12 Oct '12, 21:22

justinred's gravatar image

justinred ♦

Please don't reccomend sources that contain pirated apps

(13 Oct '12, 00:50) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

@justinred Music Box is a package on BigBoss, not an App Store app.

(11 Nov '12, 21:29) britta britta's gravatar image

If you want the older versions of music box that works with iPhone 3g then add this link [removed] to your Cydia Sources and you should be able to find on there


answered 11 Nov '12, 05:06

Always%203G%20Connected's gravatar image

Always 3G Connected

edited 11 Nov '12, 21:25

britta's gravatar image


I just tried doing that... I still get the error

Server error! Try later...

I seem to always get thus now...

Does anyone now a way to fix that?

Thx, Bmcc

(11 Nov '12, 13:39) bmcc81 bmcc81's gravatar image

I edited your answer - it's not OK to redistribute copyrighted packages through other sources, even if the original package was a free package. The developer didn't authorize hosting it in some other source, so we can't do that.

(11 Nov '12, 21:27) britta britta's gravatar image

Have you tried emailing the developer to ask him for a copy of the older version? Or maybe to report the problems with the new version and ask him to fix them?


answered 11 Nov '12, 21:27

britta's gravatar image


I did try but the developer seems not the kind to care as he didn't reply to me. I got YouTube to mp3 app instead. It requires more searches and i can't delete unwanted songs. Still, it's better than nothing.


answered 08 Dec '12, 10:37

Popo's gravatar image


same issue there any other free player i can use just like music box?(for 3gs)


answered 24 Dec '12, 02:19

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Heyy there... :)

I also really liked the music box app, but since i now have the iphone 5 with ios 6, im still waiting for the unthethered jailbreak -.- I still have a ipodtoch 2g which i havnt used in quite a long time. I restored it but noticed that it no longer supports the new music box app. After some research i finally found how to get the older version. Try adding the this source and installing it from there. It also should work for other idevices.

[link removed]

Hope this helps :D


answered 13 Jan '13, 21:46

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edited 13 Jan '13, 22:13

spockers's gravatar image

spockers ♦♦

I guess you didn't read @britta's comment above to another answer with a myrepospace source.

(13 Jan '13, 22:11) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image


I tried uninstalling MusicBox and reinstalling it, which didn't work. BUt I tried it from another link. I will try this one and le you know if it worked.

Thanks, bmcc81


answered 21 Jan '13, 10:07

bmcc81's gravatar image



I will try your link tonight. Thanks Bmcc


answered 21 Jan '13, 10:10

bmcc81's gravatar image


Apologies-couldn't find add new comment button... Im going bananas without my Music Box!! Can someone please tell me how to install the old version on my Iphone 3g ios 3.1.3? I already downloaded the old zip file..... Thanks a MILLION!


answered 08 Aug '13, 07:31

AngelEyez_03's gravatar image


Just validated my email and the "add a comment" just appeared... lol

(08 Aug '13, 07:33) AngelEyez_03 AngelEyez_03's gravatar image
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