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Hey Guys,

I have an iPhone 3Gs that I wanted to update from 4.1 to 5.0.1 I downloaded a ipsw from and created a custom ipsw using redsn0w. after put the iPhone into Pwned DFU with redsn0w. I opened iTunes and installed the custom 5.0.1 ipws successfully after I jailbroken it and installed Cydia using redsn0w and boot the iPhone by Just Boot Tether. the phone started and I started to install it by setting Languages, country and so on after a min I was asked to use a Wifi to completely install it or plug it into a computer and use iTunes to set it but unfortunately I had no internet.

I went on a shop to buy credits that I could use on my Stick modem and when I was back I found that the power was cut. I have left the iPhone plugged on my Mac computer, my battery does not hold even a min it automatically shuts down. when the power was back the phone got into schlock and when I came back I saw that it was stuck on a White Scree just after " Waiting for reboot" and "Rebooting" in Redsn0w.

I tried to rerestore using iTunes but unfortunately I got an error saying "error 1600" when I came back to Redsn0w all I did was to select the ipws manually and then jailbreak again and then " I was stuck on a Pineapple screen" I pressed home and power button and the phone restarted again stuck on a white screen.

Now when I plug the iPhone on a computer it shows that it is in DFU mode I don't know what to do either with redsn0w or iTunes to get my iPhone to work.

Hope I tried to explain this as good as I can coz my english is not so good.

please help me because right now I do not have an option that I can follow .


What are the first 5 characters of the phone's serial number? It sounds like you told redsn0w no when it asked if you have a new bootrom, when you probably do have a new bootrom.

(02 Oct '12, 16:21) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

I really think I have an new model of iPhone but unfortunately I cannot find it because my iPhone cannot work in iTunes it does not display it and also on the sim tray the one engraved there is not same as the real one of my iPhone I have checked but I was so stupid that I did not write it down. Yes when redsn0w asked I said that I have No when making a custom ipws but when selecting ipws manually the Apple Store ipws before Just Boot or Jailbreak I said Yes and again when I chose No for these steps the exploit failed saying that my build does not support the ipws that I selected not until I say yes that it was at least able to Just boot , Wait for booting, Uploading kernel, uploading ramdisk, and then reboot but stuck on a white screen.

I do not have idea of how I can get the serial number on a non working phone. I am new to iPhone upgrade and jailbreak but I was almost successful when it asked to set up my device then fail after a moment without connecting to a wifi.

(03 Oct '12, 01:10) bizdanny bizdanny's gravatar image

i also have this problem... stucked at white screen... i have tried everything i kn... was well upgraded to 5.1.1 from 4.1 and worked fine for about 10mins and now completely stucked at white... even wen i used 'just boot' in redsn0w, it wakes up to the white screen. please i need help. thx

(18 Jul '13, 07:24) empire empire's gravatar image
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