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My iphone 4 is stuck in recovery mode, connect to itunes I was trying to apply my stitched ipsw 5.1.1 to my iphone when I realized that I was doing it in recovery mode. I read the redsnow guide, I used redsnow to try and put it in dfu mode and now I get "missing keys .plist data for this build." Is there different steps that I can take to get my phone back? or have I really messed it up?

Since I have the stitched ipsw, can I upgrade to iOS 6 then downgrade?


asked 29 Sep '12, 20:41

TonyM's gravatar image


edited 30 Sep '12, 11:15

Hi TonyM

try to create another stitched 5.1.1 ipsw.

Try this:

  • Create a NO_BB in redsn0w 0.9.14b2 (Extras/Custom IPSW/point to stock 5.1.1 ipsw)
  • Stitch the NO_BB 5.1.1 ipsw to 5.1.1 SHSH
  • Put iPhone to pwned DFU mode (redsn0w/Extras/Pwned DFU): Pwned DFU is important since you're restoring to a Custom Firmware.
  • Launch iTunes and do the shift+restore and point it to the stitched ipsw and restore

answered 01 Oct '12, 05:33

mclaren2512's gravatar image


edited 01 Oct '12, 05:35

I have since upgrade to ios 6 since nothing was working. Now I trying to downgrade by following the above but I get an error 21 then I'm in recovery mode again and cann't use redsnow/recoveryfix to put back into dfu mode

(03 Oct '12, 12:45) TonyM TonyM's gravatar image

21 is not pwned dfu error. Try pwnage tools on a Mac or ireb on windows for the pwned dfu part

(03 Oct '12, 15:04) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

will give that a try. Thanks

(03 Oct '12, 17:59) TonyM TonyM's gravatar image

Tried that and got a error 21 again. I read one of your(iphoneguy) commens about using snowbreeze.But sorry a little lost with snowbreeze, I load my ipsw,verified,but what mode to I pick?

(04 Oct '12, 09:30) TonyM TonyM's gravatar image

any helpers?

(05 Oct '12, 17:10) TonyM TonyM's gravatar image

I'm confused is error 21 a pwned dfu error? I have read in a different answers that it is but above that it's not. I still have a phone I can not downgrade. I'm using a windows 7 machine.

(07 Oct '12, 21:03) TonyM TonyM's gravatar image

Download the latest redsn0w 0.9.15b2 (check FAQ for the link) and restore using redsn0w (redsn0w/extras/even more/restore).. You will be needing the original 5.1.1 ipsw and the 5.1.1 SHSH. Check FAQ for instructions

(21 Oct '12, 23:16) mclaren2512 mclaren2512's gravatar image

I have this same problem, also when I try and Boot it from red snow the phone will now become unregonizable to itunes and the screen is still black


answered 22 Oct '12, 18:14

slayer99's gravatar image


when itunes says it is in recovery mode my phone is stilll black at that point it is normal i think

(22 Oct '12, 21:17) jakiller jakiller's gravatar image

My iPhone 4 stuck in recovery mode last month. Luckily, I finally have managed to get iPhone out of recovery mode, without any loss of data.iPhone 4 stuck in recovery mode. I tried to update my phone to iOS 7.0.4 and got the dreaded iTunes and USB connection sign, which meant stuck in recovery mode. iTunes was asking to restore the iPhone, meaning loosing all the data which was not backed up. I used a free trail tool named iPhone Data Recovery, that does not have to register, just proceed straight to free trail and click, it restored my phone back to its original state and out of the dread recovery mode. It also apply to the iPhone that stuck on recovery mode after jailbreak iOS 7.

I hope this helps.


answered 15 Jan, 21:30

Abelsondyee's gravatar image


edited 16 Jan, 22:12

i cant even get back to ios 6 yet im still stuck and need answers tonite because i have school tomorrow and i broke my arm and use my iphone for everything i nneed to know how to solve this now sorry but it has to be now! my email is


answered 21 Oct '12, 22:52

jakiller's gravatar image


Use sn0wbreeze in simple mode.

(21 Oct '12, 23:16) spockers ♦ spockers's gravatar image

are you telling me to put my phone in simple mode or that is the command in sn0wbreeze?

(22 Oct '12, 15:35) jakiller jakiller's gravatar image

and will that put on 5.1.1 or ios 6?

(22 Oct '12, 15:38) jakiller jakiller's gravatar image

5.1.1 or less, depending on what ipsw you "feed" it at the beginning. Sn0wbreeze doesn't work with iOS 6 yet so that's not an option. Also, you will need shsh's (local or remote) for whatever version ipsw you use.

(22 Oct '12, 18:34) spockers ♦ spockers's gravatar image

I'm here to post question not related to downgrade. But there is .plist file missing erros when i update to iOS 6. And Even Not Found How to solve this. and what is .plist is data files. How to solve this??

i'm doing with redsn0w with Custom IPSW.


answered 04 Nov '12, 11:00

arpingajjar's gravatar image


If you want to upgrade you have to manually specify the ipsw. What device to you have? If you have 6.x.x you HAVE to specify it. Is it is 6.0 i think its not necesary.

.plist data files are like xml files that iOS Core uses for reading info. For example an Facebook Info.plist file.

It stores information like where cache data is located and stuff like that. It changes in what kind of plist file is.

(16 Jan, 22:35) elmatus elmatus's gravatar image

The Missing keys .plist its because you have to manually specify your device iOS (Extra,Select IPSW, and you have to select your device iOS .ipsw file)

That should fix the missing keys .plist error

If you got that error, im almost sure your device is with black screen. You have to press both buttons (home and lock) for 10 or more seconds so the device restart, then power it on. Wait for have the lock screen and then you enter DFU Mode.

For entering in PWN DFU Mode for make the stitched ipsw : Close Redsnow Re-open Redsnow Go to Extras>Select IPSW>Browse your iphone 5.1.1.ipsw file Then Go to Extras>Pwn DFU>Follow instructions for entering DFU Then you can apply yout stitched ipsw in iTunes.

Any question reply or send me an email


answered 16 Jan, 22:32

elmatus's gravatar image


I know a way to solve iPhone stuck in recovery mode, you can restart your phone with the help of some iPhone Data Recovery app. Maybe this can help you. Before you restart your phone, please make sure your phone in DFU mode or Recovery mode.


answered 03 Mar, 09:38

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edited 03 Mar, 09:52

If your iPhone stuck in recovery mode, you can go following steps solve it: Press down the Home and Power buttons on your iPhone until it shuts off. Connect it to your computer with the USB cable. Press and hold down the Home button. Hold it down until iTunes says your device is entering recovery mode. Now you should be able to Restore using iTunes


answered 20 Mar, 23:49

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edited 20 Mar, 23:50

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