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I'm stuck in repring or reboot.....what can I do to get on the iPad 2? I should clarify by stuck I mean not so much stuck but in a respring Loop over and over.

asked 18 Sep '12, 19:20

FastEddieSRT's gravatar image


edited 18 Sep '12, 19:22


Thank you for not saying stucked. Try holding the volume-up button continuously until you get to the home screen, then open cydia and uninstall the last tweak you installed, which is likely the culprit.

(18 Sep '12, 19:24) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

that got me back to the mobile substrate fail which is what happened at first. At first it gave me a pop-up message to the effect that something ( safe mode or mobile substrate ) did not cause the problem but saved me. It then had 3 buttons at the bottom one of which was I believe restart.....thats when I got stuck in a loop. Do you think it's possible that mobile substrate may save me on a completely fresh respiring or reboot.? By the way the last tweak was something like " Folder enhancer or enhancer plus "

(18 Sep '12, 19:38) FastEddieSRT FastEddieSRT's gravatar image

What he said.

(18 Sep '12, 19:43) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Enhancer Plus doesn't exist and FolderEnhancer does work on iOS 5.1.1. If you installed FolderEnhancer from a pirate repo, chances are it's an outdated version; consider buying it if you didn't so you get updates immediately.

(18 Sep '12, 19:48) kirb ♦ kirb's gravatar image

It was BigBoss purchased so maybe a full respring will help.....maybe it got stuck as a fluke

(18 Sep '12, 19:51) FastEddieSRT FastEddieSRT's gravatar image

It is as you said compatible with 5.1.1 but it may have been an incompatibility with infinifolder. They have an " experimental " on off button to make infinifolder compatable. Maybe that was it and I should try that with a respiring?

(18 Sep '12, 20:09) FastEddieSRT FastEddieSRT's gravatar image

Yeah, try that - uninstall Infinifolders, enable FolderEnhancer's Infinifolders fix and install it again. (In fact, you don't really need Infinifolders; FolderEnhancer can do everything it does.)

(18 Sep '12, 20:15) kirb ♦ kirb's gravatar image

will uninstalling infinifolders dump out my folders?

(18 Sep '12, 20:20) FastEddieSRT FastEddieSRT's gravatar image

It shouldn't, but you can copy /var/mobile/Library/SpringBoard/IconSupportState.plist to your computer over SSH just to be safe. Upload that file back to the same spot if it does mess up your folders.

(18 Sep '12, 20:25) kirb ♦ kirb's gravatar image

Before I got your previous message I wash"t sure you were there and it seemed a good plan so I enabled compatibility with infinifolder and got it in a loop again. I need to remove infinifolders completely like you suggested then retry the respiring

(18 Sep '12, 20:40) FastEddieSRT FastEddieSRT's gravatar image

I just had a bad thought.....I forgot to un-enable infinifolder compatibility before removing infinifolder and it took a long long time after the icon bar went all the way up before it gave the respring button

(18 Sep '12, 20:47) FastEddieSRT FastEddieSRT's gravatar image

doing a respiring after removal of infinifolder ....hoping to be fortunate this time

(18 Sep '12, 20:52) FastEddieSRT FastEddieSRT's gravatar image

Yes, I would recommend continued respiring. :D

(18 Sep '12, 20:54) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

i also have infinidock and infiniboard but that should be a non-issue I'm assuming but who knows it"s still in respiring .....

(18 Sep '12, 20:54) FastEddieSRT FastEddieSRT's gravatar image

Google "respiring." Then facepalm. :D

(18 Sep '12, 20:56) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

I don't know what made me put went safe mode again with pop-up box

(18 Sep '12, 21:00) FastEddieSRT FastEddieSRT's gravatar image

it fits.....I'm respiring over the safe mode.....I may need to remove FolderEnhancer even though it says it works with5.1.1 as much as I want it to work and don"t wish to remove it....I may need to

(18 Sep '12, 21:06) FastEddieSRT FastEddieSRT's gravatar image

.....but yes....continued respiring is ideal in us humans LOL

(18 Sep '12, 21:09) FastEddieSRT FastEddieSRT's gravatar image

I seem to be in a loop still so it may be that it wants to conflict with all infini_ or I need to remove FolderEnhancer altogether after re-install of infinifolder

(18 Sep '12, 21:12) FastEddieSRT FastEddieSRT's gravatar image

This time I'm Not In Safe Mode ( encouraging or no ? ) however I am in a " Mobile substrate { for lack of a better term } failure. ....maybe reinstall mobile substrate and respring ?

(18 Sep '12, 21:22) FastEddieSRT FastEddieSRT's gravatar image

You should try uninstalling all of your tweaks, which you can do by uninstalling MobileSubstrate. (Don't forget to write down a list of your tweaks.) Then reinstall FolderEnhancer. Continue reinstalling your other tweaks until you get safe mode - whichever one you installed before the respring into safe mode is the culprit.

(18 Sep '12, 21:27) kirb ♦ kirb's gravatar image

Thanks.....yes I need to bookmark that link you put earlier. That seems a perfect plan to isolate it plus resolve conflicts of similar tweaks too. I may need to try that tomorrow. If your here I hope to catch you then. Thanks have a great night ( both of you ).

(18 Sep '12, 21:33) FastEddieSRT FastEddieSRT's gravatar image

No problem :)

(18 Sep '12, 21:37) kirb ♦ kirb's gravatar image

Still awake. It was FolderEnhancer. Removed it and it was a new problem after putting in caused a new problem which I'll post in a seperate spot because of what it did to Cydia itself.

(19 Sep '12, 00:04) FastEddieSRT FastEddieSRT's gravatar image

You've installed an incompatible tweak. Try the instructions at this FAQ entry to remove the incompatible tweak.


answered 18 Sep '12, 19:24

kirb's gravatar image

kirb ♦

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