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I have a very strange problem on my Iphone 4S (5.1.1) since yesterday i noticed that my iphone keeps respringing randomly, ill checked my RAM with ominstat and i see that after a fresh reboot my free ram is going into wired ram more than a half of my memory goes into wired when there is no more free ram my phone reboots it takes about 1 minute, i didnt installed any new tweak or sumthing so i dont now how to fix this. Is there any tool where i can see which process does use that much of my RAM? Or did anyone from you guys had this problem? I really would appreciate any info to solve this anoying problem.



asked 10 Aug '12, 07:23

isostars's gravatar image


Wired RAM is reserved for important parts of iOS like the kernel; you don't need to worry about it. A bootup time of about a minute is expected too - it takes a while for iOS to get ready and a few more seconds to run the untether.


answered 10 Aug '12, 07:34

kirb's gravatar image

kirb ♦

ok i know this, but maybee i explained me wrong, the thing is after the phone is running properly after reboot it keeps respringinging because of too much wired memory. I can see it on the NC widget omnistat that it starts with about 30% wired mem then after 30sec. it goes up to 45% and after a minute or so its allready about 65 - 70 % and as there is no more free memory it reboots.

(10 Aug '12, 07:38) isostars isostars's gravatar image

Oh, ok. That's strange... are you able to enter safe mode at all? Tap Power then Safe Mode in SBSettings if you have it installed.

(10 Aug '12, 07:47) kirb ♦ kirb's gravatar image

yep im able to go into safe mode, its strange but i think i have something like a trojan on my phone from a spanish site called cuz when i leave the phone locked a flash sms pops up and says.... "Congratulations you have been selected to participate on a game where you can win an Iphone... press ok to go ahead..." there is no other option just the ok button im also unable to unlock the phone as the flash message is on top of my lockscreen, when i press ok the message disappears and im unable to unlock the phone, on springboard another message pops up which says congrats again you have been selected etc. press ok to view the details, and nothing appears just this message coming over and over again, damn i never have seen something like this before, and im pretty sure that this eats my memory in the backround, is there any way i can stop this proccess??? I did some screeshots if you want to see them

(10 Aug '12, 07:54) isostars isostars's gravatar image

In that case, you should restore and rejailbreak; that trojan is probably what's causing that and I don't know of any way to get rid of it. That site doesn't have a good reputation anyway.

(10 Aug '12, 08:02) kirb ♦ kirb's gravatar image

yes i think this is what i should do, crazy stuff :-(

(10 Aug '12, 08:04) isostars isostars's gravatar image

I have this same issue.. Did you ever figure out how to fix it?

(01 Mar '13, 20:09) VanOss10- VanOss10-'s gravatar image
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