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i have an iphone 4 running 4.2.1 recently i jailbreak using gp RC5_b2 with a fresh iOS version. but, i noticed that the battery has been draining faster than normal compared to when i haven't yet jailbreak my iDevice. what i want to ask is is anyone else facing the same problem and will applying gp RC6_final directly over it be any better? or will it make it worse? i understand that the RC6 does not address the battery problem, but still, it'll be good to know from people who applied RC6 over RC5 and who had the same problem as me.

any help appreciated, thanks.

asked 12 Feb '11, 22:20

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closed 20 Feb '11, 22:30

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I've had battery problems too and RC6 does NOT fix it :-( I may just go back to 4.1 because this battery drain is just way to problematic for me.

(12 Feb '11, 22:42) MPSniper MPSniper's gravatar image

I'm having the same problems...lost 40% in just a couple hours of standby with nothing running in the background.

Someone told me to try using the tethered version of Redsnow first and then run GP over top of it to stop the battery drain problem...anyone think this would help??

(13 Feb '11, 10:22) fuzion00 fuzion00's gravatar image

I have this problem with battery too.... I reinstalled 4.2.1 2 times... And last time I used RC6 Final... I don`t know what to do..... (3GS 16GB, neverlock, new bootrom, iOS 4.2.1)

(15 Feb '11, 09:14) iDancer32GS iDancer32GS's gravatar image

I had done a rc5_b2 jailbreak and had no battery problems. went to sleep at 97% with nothing running in background and had 97% after 7 hours.

(16 Feb '11, 01:46) hybrid hybrid's gravatar image

I have this problem on my 3GS used rc5b2 to jailbreak,i restored to stock 4.2.1 and set my phone as new. For me it seems that using wifi after greenpoison jb is whats causing my battery drain. when i was on 4.1 i usually have wifi on all the time and my battery was fine, but ever since i used gp on 4.2.1 my battery drains even on standby with wifi on but no apps on background. It could not be any cydia apps cause i only installed the ones i used before on 4.1 same as apps from the appstore, email configurations are the same no push no fetch. Basically my phone settings are identical as before,so the only thing i did was disabling wifi when i don't use my phone so i don't lose that many battery. Could it be possible that greenpoison is pushing something whenever i use wifi that it drains battery more quickly?

(17 Feb '11, 06:56) runa99 runa99's gravatar image

The question has been closed for being "Duplicate Question" by Endareth, 20 Feb '11, 22:30

There is no reason to believe that GP jailbreak drains you battery any more than being unjailbroken.

Unless you had to hacktivate your phone. Have a look at the below if you have hacktivated as this may resolve your problem.


answered 15 Feb '11, 10:26

toliver182's gravatar image


Quote from @Endareth

There are various reasons that battery drain can increase after jailbreaking, with various fixes. 1. Simple increased usage: This happens mostly to new users who've never jailbroken before. With all the new things you can do on a jailbroken device, combined with the time spent getting everything set up the way you want it, you're simply using the device far more than you might think. If this is the case, then after a few days, your battery life will come back a bit closer to normal.

  1. Faulty config: Some apps may not be quite configured correctly after the jailbreak, Mail is often a culprit here--it attempts to connect to a mail server, fails in an unexpected way, and simply keeps trying again. So instead of Mail making one connction every 30 minutes (or whatever), it's continually trying to connect. You can test this one by disabling all your email accounts then restart and watch what happens. Fixing this can soemtimes require deleting and re-adding the email account, or sometimes even simply re-saving what you've got.

  2. Faulty apps: It often takes some time for apps to be updated to the latest version of iOS. Most of the time, this isn't a problem--apps either work, or they don't, but sometimes they can have adverse affects such as significantly increased battery use. To find out if this is the case, try disabling or not using specific apps for a few hours, then turn them back on and compare the battery drain. This can be a slow process, but may be the only way to find the culprit. If you manage to find one, you can leave it disabled short term to stop the battery drain, and contact the developer to see if they're working on an update.

  3. The Jailbreak: Sometimes it can indeed be the jailbreak process itself which results in the increased battery usage. While the devs try their best, they don't always have access to every possible iOS device model, or may miss some weird bug. If you've tried the above investigation without success, and are still getting huge battery drain even in Safe Mode, no apps running, Mail disabled, and the phone sitting unused for hours, then it could well be the jailbreak at fault. Fixing this may be as simple as a restore and re-jailbreak, or you may be out of luck for your device, and the jailbreak that you're using simply won't work well with your device. If this happens, you might want to try a different jailbreak method, or ask on here, making sure to specify what steps you've taken to reach this point!

A couple of extra tools that can help narrow down battery issues are BatteryLogger and BatteryDetective. BatteryLogger gives you a visual graph showing battery life over time, and BatteryDetective gives you lots of info about the current state of the battery. The Pro version also lets you analyse running apps to give an estimate of how much battery it's using in the background.


answered 16 Feb '11, 01:35

blue%20skies's gravatar image

blue skies

You`re lucky guy!!)))) For @blue skies:

  1. Im not new user of the iDevices... I know some nuances of the iOS from 3.1.2 till 4.1.2... Ive been jailed many times...
  2. I dont know why quick battery discharging has have not all of the users...
  3. I tried various versions of GreenPois0n...
  4. I have no mail accounts on the iDevice...
  5. I use my iPhone not so much....
  6. The programs, which I`ve been installed, I was used at 4.0.1.. And they were fine... Troubles became when I had installed 4.2.1 with GreenPois0n..
  7. Conclusion is: It may be either iOS 4.2.1, or GreenPois0n...
(16 Feb '11, 05:06) iDancer32GS iDancer32GS's gravatar image

OKAY SO IT"S OFFICIAL...Greenposi0n is the battery draining problem!

I jailbroke my iPhone 4, restored as new and JB with GP. I tried RC5-2, RC5-4 and RC5-Final...I would charge my battery up to 100% and just leave it over night on standby mode, with NOTHING else running in the background. I'd wake up 8-10 hours later and find my battery depleted by over 40%-50%.

Yesterday I re-jailbroke my phone with Redsn0w and put everything the same way it was when I was using GP...well this morning after leaving the phone on standby for almost 10hours I woke up to a full battery with an 89% charge.

I'd say this is proof enough that GP is the culprit!!


answered 15 Feb '11, 10:32

fuzion00's gravatar image


So this is the answer..... The Greenpois0n is good for everyone, but RC5 and RC6 is discharging the battery... It`s not normal... Let Chronic-Dev team decide what to do...

(15 Feb '11, 13:14) iDancer32GS iDancer32GS's gravatar image

Can you give details on your phone if its locked or not and how you are activating when using GP, make sure that when you load the firmware from scratch not to restore the phone settings from itunes and setup as a new iPhone.

I do not think GP is the reason for the battery drain as many people have it with no issues including myself, therefore we need to understand the specific differences with your phone case in order to catch the culprit.

Your feedback will help make better experiences for others.

(16 Feb '11, 01:14) knightz4u knightz4u's gravatar image

I had battery problems after using win RC5_b2 on my iphone 4 until I used iTunes to backup and then restore from backup (without losing my jb) while I was attempting to fix another problem. This didn't turn out to be the solution to the problem I was trying to fix but my battery drain seems to have vanished, or at least it's lasting a lot longer than it did before. Not sure if this would work for everyone or if I just got lucky.


answered 16 Feb '11, 07:25

psykhi's gravatar image


The problem with battery drain was solved... I had the app GraviBoard from Cydia on my iPhone... After uninstalling I was waiting a few days. And I see that the battery works normally...)))


answered 18 Feb '11, 01:37

iDancer32GS's gravatar image


wow such a lame app that berally dose much takes so much battery? goddamn...well anyway thankyou for telling me i'm useing that app as well

(18 Feb '11, 07:47) big2to4 big2to4's gravatar image

You know, I was using this app at 4.0.1 with JBme and that was fine... But at 4.2.1 with GP RC6 Final this app (I think so) discharges battery so much.... May be some apps can discharge battery too...

(18 Feb '11, 08:08) iDancer32GS iDancer32GS's gravatar image

I don't have this graviboard app installed, any other app that you know of that may drain battery as well?

(18 Feb '11, 08:45) runa99 runa99's gravatar image

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