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I decided to jailbreak my iPhone 3GS since I love my jailbroken iPod 4G. For my iPod, I used Redsn0w, and everything went smoothly. I tried using Redsn0w again for my iPhone, but that didn't work because I'd have to untether it, and that just seemed like a pain. So I went with Absinthe. I followed the directions and backed my iPhone up with iTunes, erased all the data and settings, jailbroke it (successfully), and restored it with the backup I had just done. At first, everything was fine. Cydia was there so I loaded it. It said "Preparing File System", and that it would close when finished. So, I was patient and waited for it to complete. Finally, it ended, and my iPhone went back to the lock screen. But when I unlocked it, there was neither Cydia nor the App Store! I've tried restarting the iPhone several times, as well as re-jailbreaking, but all it says is "this iPhone is already jailbroken!"... I would love to have my iPhone jailbroken, so I can customise it like I customised my iPod. Help please?

Using: Windows 7, PC

iOS: 5.1.1

asked 11 Jul '12, 01:43

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Restore again, set up as new, jailbreak, let cydia update (don't interrupt), once done restore from iTunes backup.


answered 11 Jul '12, 01:56

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justinred ♦

justinred's advice is correct, but if you haven't followed it yet, here are a few steps that could help provide useful debugging information:

First, on your computer, install iExplorer, Phone Disk, or a similar application designed to access iOS devices files over USB.

  1. Can iExplorer (or similar) connect to the device and see files?
  2. If it can, what is in /Applications ? Are those missing apps also missing from this folder?
  3. Are the missing apps in /private/var/stash ?

After answering these questions, feel free to restore and jailbreak again. :)


answered 11 Jul '12, 02:04

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So, britta. As you say, they are still in the applications folder in iexplorer. What now?

(19 Oct '12, 07:11) Davidcbz Davidcbz's gravatar image

I have the same problem. I have an iPod touch 4g (8GB) running 6.1.6. I used the P0wsixpwn tool for mac and successfully jailbroke my ipod. I had little storage left on my ipod (a few megabytes) and opened Cydia. It said it would prepare the filesystem and exit when complete. I was impatient so after 10mins i rebooted the ipod. When I unlocked it however, ALL the system apps were missing (camera, music, appstore, EVERYTHING) including Cydia. Looking at other forums it appears that Cydia deletes apps for you to make room for itself and its 'filesystem'. I was like 'okay, a quick FULL restore and reattempt will fix it' as maybe then i would have more storage to let cydia finish its file system preparations. I plugged it into itunes and tried restoring it normally, in recovery mode, and even in DFU mode. It downloads the restore .ispw but then after extracting and verifying the restore, it says it cant restore the ipod as it is not eligible or something for the update (i forget the error code and error notification). I started to freak out and went into redsn0w to try and restore it that way. Apparently it didn't support 6.1.6 so i tried 6.1.2. It went ahead, only to say it couldn't find any 'blobs' and refused to restore my ipod. PLEASE HELP I REALLY NEED IT WORKING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE :(((((


answered 02 Jul '14, 19:10

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you need to restore and rejailbreak and not interrupt cydia preparing the file system. CLICK ME and if you see cydia, you need to fix your hosts file to get rid of itunes 3194 error

(02 Jul '14, 22:11) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

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