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My iphone was jailbroken a while ago but just recently my apps wouldn't work and my internet would shut down when i tried to click on a link and go back to the home screen. I noticed that Cydia had about 13 updates, and i thought that might be the reason my iphone wasnt working properly. The first time i tried to upgrade, it told me that it couldnt complete because there wasnt enough space left on the phone. I went into Cydia's manage tab and deleted 2 "themes" ( a "blue theme" and a "cowboys theme" ) which i believe were just homepage backround pictures. After that i tried to upgrade again. The upgrade completed this time with the exception of one upgrade ( the upgrade writting was in red and said it was unable to overwrite it, but im not sure what it was ). After that, it said upgrade was complete and asked me "respring winterboard" ( a button popped up at the bottom to click to 'respring' ). i pushed that button and the phone began to restart. Ever since then, the phone has NOT turned back on!! It starts to reboot and gets stuck on the "apple logo" with the spinning circle... now the circle spins, but than it stops, and it will eventually turn off and try to reboot itself again, or pwoer off. I've been keeping it plugged into the charger because it keeps dying, and it will reboot itself once it has enough power, but will again get stuck on the "apple logo" on the start up screen.

I've looked up this problem on MANY different websites, and it seems to be a problem with many iphones. i've tried a few different things but nothing has worked: --Some advice i'd gotten on this site was to let the phone power off, open ITUNES on my computer, plug the phone into the computer and hold down the home button ( for 2 minutes ) until the computer recognizes my iphone ( which it finally did, and the screen on my phone finally changed from the "apple logo" to the "apple itunes logo and the USB cord" ). My ITUNES than said i needed to "restore my iphone" ( which i understood would wipe the iphone and ugrade it...and after i would have to jailbreak my phone again ). So, i clicked the 'restore' button on ITUNES, which brought me to the 'UPGRADE' screen, to which i clicked 'next'. than it brought me to the 'agreement screen' to which i clicked "AGREE". After ALL of this, ITUNES said that the 'restore' had begun, and gave me a waiting time of 7 HOURS!! I waited a while and when i returned back to my computer screen after about 45 minutes, it said "download couldn't complete"... so i tried again. When i returned back to my computer after the second try, about 4 hours later, ITUNES did not say the 'restore' was still running and my iphone was stuck back on the "apple logo" screen!!! **



*** ONE IMPORTANT THING YOU NEED TO KNOW * -- The 'POWER' button on the top of my iphone is BROKEN! -- -- When my phone was jailbroken a while ago, we changed the use of the buttons because the power
button was broken -- -- After that, I could
'toggle the volume switch' on the side of the phone to restart my iphone, if needed -- -- My home button works fine, though -- ...This is why i could not "hard reset" the phone** by pressing the power + home keys to "unbrick" my phone...

***> Is there any other way to 'unbrick' my

iphone without having to hard reset?.. since i don't have use of my power button!? PLEASE & THANK YOU :)***

asked 29 Jun '12, 12:14

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edited 29 Jun '12, 12:45

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theiphoneguy ♦

What you need to do is the very simple thing that you've been avoiding:

Get the power button fixed.

Also, you should click "Restore" in iTunes, rather than upgrade, and setup as a new device.


answered 29 Jun '12, 12:20

spockers's gravatar image

spockers ♦♦

As long as it is not stuck on the apple logo you can folow this guide here as a work around for the power button


answered 29 Jun '12, 12:45

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theiphoneguy ♦

Oops wrong button. Meant to vote up. Where did that tick button come from. ;)

(29 Jun '12, 22:03) iphpwn4 ♦ iphpwn4's gravatar image
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