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Hi, I've been trying to downgrade the iPad Baseband for a few hours now..... (3GS Old Bootrom) It just doesn't take....It keeps saying BB 06.15 with custom firmware and with stock..... Any suggestions??

Thanks -SDK

asked 18 Jun '12, 07:29

surej96's gravatar image


edited 18 Jun '12, 10:32

how did you tried to downgrade .. can you explain the steps?

(18 Jun '12, 12:22) abdullahkamran abdullahkamran's gravatar image

I've just downgraded one 3g and one 3gs and everything was fine.

My iPhone was jailbroken on BB 6.15.00 and locked to O2.

What I did:

0) Connected my iPhone to the PC and run redsn0w_win_0.9.14b1.

1) selected the stock firmware 5.1.1.

2) Pressed jailbreak.

3) Put my iPhone on DFU.

4) Selected downgrade from iPad baseband.

5) waited a LOTTTT until it reboots after the running pineapple.

6) On one of the iPhone I was stuck in apple logo, but just did a power button until it shut down and the power again to start. It took at least 1 minute to boot the first time.


answered 18 Jun '12, 12:23

raulcosta's gravatar image


Did you say "firmware 5.1.1"? I thought that the 3G was limited to 4.2.1?

(18 Jun '12, 13:16) nmdelrio nmdelrio's gravatar image

I have a 3g and a 3gs.

For the 3g use the 4.2.1

"I've just downgraded one 3g and one 3gs and everything was fine."

(18 Jun '12, 15:13) raulcosta raulcosta's gravatar image

Hi, Refer here:

The guy says to choose new bootrom in redsn0w even though I have an old bootrom. Won't this brick my iPhone?

(19 Jun '12, 03:43) surej96 surej96's gravatar image

You already have 6.15.00 right ?

So you have already pick what ever you needed (old/new).

The downgrade part doesn't ask for anything regarding bootrom.

(19 Jun '12, 04:09) raulcosta raulcosta's gravatar image

It does when you "select IPSW" ....

(19 Jun '12, 04:11) surej96 surej96's gravatar image

It asks:

"Is this newer (fixed) model?

Is this newer model of the iPhone 3GS? If you're not sure, you can determine your production week from the Serial Number in your Settings->General->About screen.

The week number is usually the 4th and 5th digit of the serial number. For example, a SN beginning with 88926... would be week 26 of 2009. If the third digit isn't 9, you definitely have a fixed bootrom.

3GS units made 2009 week 45 or later usually have a fixed bootrom. Before week 40, they usually have the older (desirable) one. Between weeks 40 and 45, results vary

CAUTION: If you have a newer model and you don't correctly identify it here, you will likely need to do a full official restore to fix the mistake, losing any unsynced data.

Note that newer models cannot yet have custom logos."

If your 3GS is an old model you press "No".

(19 Jun '12, 04:19) raulcosta raulcosta's gravatar image

For a more definitive check using redsn0w, go to extras/even more/identify. Place device in DFU mode. Check bootrom, if 359.3 = old, if 359.3.2 = new.

(19 Jun '12, 04:22) justinred ♦ justinred's gravatar image

Yeah... Mine is old bootrom and I have always pressed no in redsn0w.... There seems to be many people (maybe 70%) of iPad BB 3GS users who can't DG....

(19 Jun '12, 04:26) surej96 surej96's gravatar image

But does it fail to downgrade with an error ?

Do you have a internet connection on that PC ? (Because it will get the 5.13 bb from the web).

Does it show the "upgrading baseband" on your iPhone ?

(19 Jun '12, 04:35) raulcosta raulcosta's gravatar image

Yeah I have a good connection..... The flashing baseband thing goes about more than halfway through and then the iPhone just reboots... Same thing on FW 4.1,4.2.1,4.3.2,5.1,5.1.1 (Yeah, I tried 5 different FW's!!) Basically, its the same as most of the people who are trying (and failling) to DG their baseband....

(19 Jun '12, 04:44) surej96 surej96's gravatar image
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