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My Cydia has been deleted for a while. I found this thing thru openappmkt called Cydia Installer. When i open it and follow the directions it takes me to a "slide to jailbreak" screen. If i slide to jailbreak, will this wipe out my phone? I'm jailbroken already and just want my cydia back.

asked 18 Jun '12, 03:21

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Please note that the OpenAppMkt versions of "Cydia" are fake unauthorized versions of Cydia that won't do what you want. Some of them are just a Web Clip (bookmark/link) to, and some of them are just a Web Clip for The one you tried is the JailbreakMe kind.

Unfortunately OpenAppMkt hasn't removed these deceptive listings despite complaints from us. :( A couple of them are even fraudulent, trying to sell Cydia for 99 cents. You can try complaining to OpenAppMkt too if you like - there's a contact link at the bottom of their site.


answered 24 Jun '12, 14:25

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How did you delete cydia? Open Safari on the iPhone and go to


answered 18 Jun '12, 03:26

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My brother did it with redsn0w. Will reset everything?

(18 Jun '12, 03:27) JamesRey JamesRey's gravatar image

oh! sorry i thought you said how did i get cydia.

(18 Jun '12, 03:32) JamesRey JamesRey's gravatar image

I deleted it with an SSH program while attempting to reinstall it without rejailbreaking

(18 Jun '12, 03:33) JamesRey JamesRey's gravatar image

It says now, "it looks like you are already jailbroken, jailbreaking again may be harmful." What do they mean "harmful'?

(18 Jun '12, 03:48) JamesRey JamesRey's gravatar image

I tried to uninstall an application from Cydia but Cydia icon disappeared from my iPhone home screen. How can I restore it back?


answered 24 Jun '12, 07:29

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@mahmoodhasnain Instead of commenting on this question, please add details to your existing question here: - make sure to include which kind of iPhone and iOS version you're using, and also include which application you tried to uninstall.

(24 Jun '12, 14:23) britta ♦♦ britta's gravatar image

Install this to iFile and you will immediately get cydia back after you respring! Download:

When you download it to iFile, you have to open it with "Installer"! After you install this Debian package, respring your device!(Important)


answered 28 Mar '14, 08:01

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Whew! Finally an answer! Poor guy's been waiting nearly two years! That cydia might not work for him back in 2012 though, but thanks!

(28 Mar '14, 08:46) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image


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