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I'm trying to update my iPhone 4s on version 5.0.1 (9A405) to the latest 5.1.1 but when I try, it gives me error each time. I've tried restoring it and got the error 3194 from iTunes, then while it was in recovery mode it gave me error 21. For some idiotic reason I thought it had something to do with the jailbreak and something I had installed through Cydia so I went and deleted all the sourced and packages I had installed which, of course, deleted Cydia. When I try to "re-jailbreak" my device with the latest redsn0w it tells me that it is already jailbroken and gives me the option to continue and install something I'm not 100% sure on - using the VPN and profiles - even it didn't work. I've tried using iFaith and TinyUmbrella, I'm not that familiar with them so I might have been doing it wrong, but they both told me my device was unsupported. When I tried to restore using iTunes (holding shift and choosing the firmware to restore to) it tells me that it is not supported. Can anyone help me? I tried to give as much information I could but still didn't cover everything I tried. I just want my phone back!! (Jailbroken with the latest software preferably.)

asked 12 Jun '12, 18:55

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your host file for windows has to be edited to remove tiny umbrella's settings so that it points at apples servers since 5.1.1 is still being officially signed by apple.

guide to edit host files click here

I would follow the manual method and NOT open tiny umbrella as that has caused issues.


answered 12 Jun '12, 18:59

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edited 12 Jun '12, 19:01

Thank you! I saw something similar to that on youtube but the guy talking sounded 12 and foreign so I wasn't about to trust him. This was a lot simpler than I was thinking it would be!

(12 Jun '12, 19:51) chris_wrather chris_wrather's gravatar image

Np glad to help

(12 Jun '12, 20:15) EvlGns EvlGns's gravatar image
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